Rakhi Purnima

The festival is also known as Rakhi Purnima because it falls on the full moon day of Hindu month Shravana. " Shravana month is the month of gods and Pujan (worship) and the full moon day is the most important day of all. Rakhi Purnima is important to many. Since the festival is celebrated in many states, it is known by many names and rituals, but the only thing not changing is the prayer and pledge to protect the siblings. Different regions have different beliefs about Raksha Bandhan and follow different rituals. In the Western Ghats, Rakhi is considered an offering to God Varuna - Varuna the Lord of Sea Lord offered coconut. On this day, coconuts are thrown into the sea as a ritual. Here, the festival of Rakhi Purnima is known as Nariyal, and also marks the beginning of the season.

Avani Avittam in South India

South India, Raksha bandhann called Avani Avittam. The festival is an important Brahmins. First, take the holy bath and then change their sacred thread (Janeyu) in the middle of the chant mantras. Take the promise to perform specified tasks brahmanik in the sacred books, and gives good behavior and in dignity. Janeyu is a representation of an oath of Vedic culture of respect, respect for Hindu traditions and service to humanity. The ceremony is called Shravan or Rishi Tarpan. All the Brahmins to celebrate the same way. Kajari Purnima in North India