The Legends of Rakhi

The monsoon months Shravana or involves all colors and shades of nature and emotions. Religious Shravan seen is one month pious and full moon at this very important month is considered a most holy day. It is celebrated in different ways for various reasons most of the country. For brothers and sisters, is the way of eternal love, as the day to take the promise of Brahmin rituals Brahmanik and those who depend on the sea and the monsoon, is the beginning of a new era. Festivals of India are based on climate change and its importance in the lives of people, but have a history of supporting the celebrations. The rich Indian Mythology provides a religious reason to celebrate the day in a specific way. Many epics are linked to the time and origin of Raksha Bandhan. The festival finds a mention in most of the epics and its origin dates back to mythological times Pouranik.

The legend refers to a war between gods and demons. The king of demons Brutra was encouraging and the gods headed by Lord Indra, was on the verge of defeat. The king of the gods, Indra approached Guru Brihaspati to find a solution to the situation. Brihaspati asked Indra to tie a sacred thread on his wrist, powered by the sacred mantra of Shravan Purnima. Indra queen Sachi also known as Indrani, authorized the net and tied it with his hand on the agreed day. The effect of the sacred thread called Raksha helped the gods of victory. Tradition with a wire tie persists. It is a gesture of goodwill.