Traditions & Customs

Raksha Bandhan is a celebration of the sacred bond of love and affection between brothers and sisters, with lots of verve. Also known as Raksha Bandhan in the world, this festival is primarily a North Indian festival that is celebrated all brothers and sisters to express their deep feelings of love and affection. On the day of Rakhi festival, sister tie Rakhi on the wrist of her brother and both are praying to God for the welfare of another. Sisters perform 'Aarti' and put Tilak on the forehead of his brother. On the other hand makes the brothers promise to take care of his sister, in all circumstances. Usually something gift to the sister of the brothers to mark the event. The joy that surrounds the festival is unmatched. Amidst the hilarity of the rituals are also followed with great devotion.

In general, Rakhis sweet delicious luxury and are prepared before the Shravana Purnima. According to Indian tradition, family members prepare for the first rites of the morning. They take a bath to purify mind and body before starting preparations. Sisters prepare the puja thali, which consists roli, Tilak, Rakhi son, rice grains, aggarbattis (incense), diyas and sweets. After offering rituals to the gods of the family, the sister of his brothers perform Aarti and ties Rakhi on the wrist. Then put the kumkum powder on the forehead of his brother and offers sweets.