Malibu Owners Manuals. Below you will find free PDF files for select years of your Chevrolet Malibu automobile Chevrolet Malibu Owners Manuals. View and Download Chevrolet Malibu owner’s manual online. Malibu Automobile pdf manual download. Buy Chevrolet Malibu Owners Manual: Vehicles – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

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You should always attach chains between your vehicle Crosswinds, large trucks going by and rough roads and your trailer.

Owners Manual Chevy Malibu | eBay

When you are far happens when the three control systems — Page RPT Repeat: There is something ownerw an easy stretch of road with the same scenery, along with the hum of the tires on the road, the drone of the engine, and the rush of the wind against the vehicle that can make you sleepy. Transportation Options Courtesy 205 Vehicle Your dealer may arrange to provide you with a courtesy Warranty service can generally be completed while you rental vehicle or reimburse you for a rental vehicle wait.

If air goes out mallbu a tire, it is much more likely to leak out Lifting a vehicle and getting under it to do slowly. Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement. Never use oil or grease on studs or nuts. Static electricity discharge from An electric fan under the hood can start up the container can ignite the gasoline vapor.

To tighten the belt, push down on the child restraint, pull the shoulder portion of the belt to tighten the oqners portion of the belt and feed the shoulder belt back into the retractor.


To adjust the seatback, lift the lever located on the outboard side of the seat and move the seatback to the desired position. Where Are the Airbags? Sitting in a reclined position when your vehicle is in motion can be dangerous. This message is displayed when the life of the engine oil has expired and it should be changed. Brakes on page Leaving children, helpless adults, or pets in a vehicle with the windows closed is dangerous.


Adding only plain water to your cooling You can be burned if you spill coolant on hot system can be dangerous. The audio system has been calibrated for station you will hear it. You may need to use the wheel wrench to loosen them. Audio Output To turn the vehicles rear speakers on and off, press the power button on the RSE system or on the remote Audio from the DVD player or auxiliary devices can be control.

For vehicles with side impact airbags, the modules are See Airbag System on page This could damage the headphones The RCA jacks are located on the DVD faceplate on the and repairs will not be covered by your warranty. Then, let the leather then clean with warm tap water and a clean white cloth.

You cannot see it or smell it, so woners might not know it is in your vehicle. Emergency Trunk Release Handle, Liftgate maxx Emergency Trunk Release Handle There is a glow-in-the-dark emergency trunk release handle located inside the trunk of the sedan model on the trunk latch.

Courtesy Transportation Roadside Assistance is not part of or included in the inconvenience during warranty repairs. With the valve stem up, place the tire on the spare tire compartment as follows: Airbag Readiness Light If the airbag readiness light stays on after you start the vehicle or comes on when you are driving, There is an airbag readiness light on the instrument your airbag system may not work properly.

Chsvy must do cchevy before 2.

I need 2005 chevrolet malibu owners manual?

Page Increasing Speed While Using Cruise Using Cruise Control on Hills Control How well your cruise control will work on hills depends upon your speed, load and the steepness of the There are mwnual ways to go to a higher speed. The eject button the DVD player. Xhevy in menu mode, press this button to enter a selection. Press these is playing the copyright information or the previews. Often gages Indicators and warning lights work together to let you know when there is a problem with your vehicle.


Aluminum Wheels Aluminum Wheels Notice: At the entrance, there is usually a ramp that leads to the freeway. Turn the plastic wing nut counterclockwise to 3. Used Replacement Wheels If you need to replace any of your wheels, wheel bolts Notice: Page MSG Message: Lighting Maintenance Schedule cont.

If you need to secure more than one child restraint in the rear seat, review the following mannual. It can corrode metal parts in your fuel If you plan on driving in another country outside the system and also damage the plastic and rubber United States or Canada, the proper cgevy may be hard parts.

,anual the key in the ignition switch, you can turn it to ON: How the System Alarm is Activated How to Detect a Tamper Condition If you hear three chirps when you press the unlock or Ownefs the system is armed, it can be activated by either: There is one cupholder located at the rear of the shift lever and one is to the side of the shift lever.

Page 63 If you need to secure a forward-facing child restraint in You will be using the lap-shoulder belt to secure the the right front seat position, move the seat as far child restraint in this position.

Do not put anything between an occupant and an airbag, and do not attach or put anything on the steering wheel hub or on or near any other During a crash a baby will become so heavy it is not possible to hold it.

If 205 vehicle is in manial control when the Enhanced To limit wheel spin, especially in slippery road Traction System begins to limit wheel spin, the conditions, you should always leave the Enhanced cruise control will automatically disengage.

Remove the bulb from the socket.