2N Datasheet: N-CHANNEL ENHANCEMENT MOSFET, 2N PDF VIEW Download New Jersey Semiconductor, 2N 1 page Datasheet PDF. 2N Description = Low Power Field Effect Transistor ;; Case Style = TO3 ;; Geometry = FVNZ ;; Page Details, datasheet, quote on part number: 2N 2N from American Microsemiconductor, Inc.. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information.

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Cathodes Digit 2 Com. Package is plastic with tin-plated copper pins Board-drilling dimensions should equal your practice for. Pins are tin-plated alloy 42 Package material is alumina Pins are intended for insertion in hole rows on. Military and limited military temperature range 3. Using the growth packages, the designer can begin sophisticated system application programs at very low cost and then upgrade his development tools in relatively inexpensive steps.

Don Clement ratasheet, Dec 13, The user’s time is decreased datasheey efficiency increased when the magnetic tapes are used. Leads are solder dipped kovar Lead 3 connected to case This is a standard package and does not fall into the “special” classification Package weight is 0. Digit 1 C Cath. The CCD board also includes sweep waveform generators for driving an x-y monitor. FootFungusDec 12, In datashset CCD analog shift register, electrical inputs are applied to the charge-injection port which samples the input signal at a rate datasheeg by the input signal bandwidth.

Anode Digit 3 Com. Also a part of the Mark II is the Formulator Operating System, including the editor, relocating assembler, and debug package to allow the generation of source code and to create and check out object code. Foldback current limited information for military versions.


High speed transistor output guaranteed 2. There are pixels hence corresponding pixel addresses in the CCD1 camera.

The x-y format of the area sensors was selected to provide a 4 x 3 image aspect ratio. B 7 G Cath. The selection guides given in Section 5 through 1 1 list only “basic” Device Numbers. E 11 A Cath.

Leads are gold-plated kovar Twelve leads thru 15 mil kovar header Package weight is 1. The printer operates at up to lines per minute with a maximum line width of 80 characters. The procedure is simply to identify the PROM type like and the PROM parameter look-up table is automatically invoked, defining such things as num- ber of words, word bit length, burn time, wait time, retry conditions, etc.

The line-scan camera can be ordered with a C-mount lens with a focal length to meet the specific application. It includes the basic hardware re- quired to develop a system, as well as the necessary software tools to develop object code. Digit 2 B Cath. The other course covers the F device family in the same manner. A 5 10 Hrs. Pins are tin-plated kovar or nickel alloy 42 Pins are intended for insertion in hole rows on. This signal is then transformed into a charge packet and injected into the register.

Thus, the initial Formulator investment is preserved.

Datasheet archive on 22-9-2016

TO 4 MA M 54 3. The OCM-1 requiresthreepowersupply voltages: C 15 B Cath. Pins are gold-plated kovar Cap and base are alumina Package weight is 0.


Emulation of the control unit 2n6658 permits camera control by microcomputer. Pins are tin-plated kovar Pins are intended for insertion in hole rows on. Price List or call the local sales representative or distributor. It consists of all the required The system includes the following LSI support P ro 9 ram development aids plus a full set of diagnostic cjrcujts. List of “Dead End” Amps? Do you already have an account?

Share This Page Tweet. You guys are getting your FET’s all screwed up. Leads are gold-plated kovar Lead 3 internally connected to one island Lead 7 internally connected to other island Leads 4 and 8 omitted 8 mil kovar header Package weight is 0. G 21 10 Min.

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datsheet The F program storage unit may be used alone, or in combination with one of the memory interface circuits. It provides all of the Fairbug I functions plus a resident monitor to facilitate operation with a low-cost calculator-style keyboard and LED display.

Although QPL attainment dates cannot be scheduled with accuracy, the following Fairchild products are expected to be qualified in the near future.

Digit 1 15 Hrs. Package is epoxy plastic with plated copper tab and pins Center pin is electrical contact with the mounting tab Package weight is 2. Planar is a patented Fairchild process. Leads are dafasheet copper alloy Package material Is plastic Package weight is 0.