Pipe shall be joined with the ADS N ST IB (bell-and-spigot) joint meeting AASHTO M, AASHTO M, or ASTM F The joint shall be soil-tight and . AASHTO M Standard Specification for Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe, to mm ( to in.) Diameter. standard by American Association of. Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe, to mm Diameter. Scope. This specification covers the requirements and strategies of checks for.

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Specimens die cut from those plaques shall be tested as noted in Section 6.

The specifying agency may require an annual third-party independent assurance test. Conduct four tests on specimens cut from the same ring of pipe at degree intervals around the circumference.

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Fittings shall not reduce the inside diameter of the pipe being joined by more than 12 mm 0. This specification designation, M ; The following precautionary caveat pertains only to the test method portion, Section 9. Jump up to the previous page or down to the next one. The slow aaehto growth mechanism is comprised of a crack initiation phase and a crack propagation phase.

The producer must supply to the specifying agency a written quality control plan that shows how the producer will control the equipment, materials, and production methods to ensure that the specified products are supplied. The method of sampling and testing of raw materials and finished product, including lot sizes and types of tests performed; and X1.

Introduced indual wall N pipe, with its smooth interior wall and aasuto exterior, offers exceptional hydraulics and strength. Certification, if desired Section Sample Identification and Record Keeping: Density of pipe compounds containing recycled materials should be conducted by the ultrasound technique in accordance with ASTM D since ultrasonic density aashot not affected by colorants and other inorganic compounds that may be present in these materials.


Class 1 perforations are for pipe intended to be used for subsurface drainage or combination storm and underdrain. Lay the assembly or joint on a flat surface and verify that it will accommodate straight-line flow. The manufacturer shall test each resin or resin blend lot for full cell class and NCLS, unless a regular quality assurance program is in place to correlate cell class results to density and melt index.

All measurements shall be made in accordance with Section 9. The physical location of the plant s ; X1. All testing shall be in accordance with current specifications and procedures referenced in M Commentary is shown in the margins of the standard.

For this condition, the average UCLS failure time for five specimens shall not be less than 34 hrs. Resins that have higher cell classifications in one or more properties are acceptable provided product requirements are met. Group 2 June Couplings shall be corrugated to match the pipe corrugations and shall provide sufficient longitudinal strength to preserve pipe alignment and prevent separation at the joints.

Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe AASHTO M —

The rows of perforations shall be arranged in two equal groups placed symmetrically on either side of the lower unperforated segment corresponding to the flow line of the pipe.

The corrugated PE m249 covered by this specification is classified as follows: Not a MyNAP member yet? Only fittings supplied or recommended by the pipe manufacturer shall be used. If a date code is used, a durable manufacturer sticker that identifies the actual date of manufacture shall be adhered to the inside of each length of pipe. The average inside diameter shall meet the requirements of Section 7.

The producing plant must have an approved quality control plan. Calculate the minimum required UCLS failure time for the test condition to ensure the desired service life is met using Equation A2.


However, the research is applicable to both types. The plant must have an approved laboratory, either within the company or an independent laboratory. Silt-tight joints should be used where the backfill material has a high percentage of aashtto.

L, Min,b mm in. Group 2 June 1. Tup B shall be used, with a mass of 4.

The update must identify the specific product manufactured at the plant. The rate of loading shall be the same as in Section 9. The producing plant s must have a designated quality control technician.

Diameter and length required, either total length or length of each piece and number of pieces; 5. Split couplings aastho engage at least two full corrugations on each pipe section. The method of identification shall allow the specifying agency to trace the finished product to the material provider; X1.

For slow crack growth resistance, the requirements m249 6. The perforations shall not cut into the corrugation sidewalls. Corrugated PE pipe is intended for surface and subsurface drainage applications where soil provides support to its flexible walls. We want to hear from you. The aashho between the centerlines of the rows shall n294 be less than 25 mm 1 in. The design of the fittings shall be such that when connected with the pipe, the axis of the assembly will be level and true when tested in accordance with Section 9.

Silt-tight joints must be designated to pass a laboratory pressure test of at least 14 kPa 2 psi.