The first in the Honor series, Above All, Honor introduces single-minded Secret Service Agent Cameron Roberts and the woman she is sworn to protect—Blair. by Radclyffe. Above All Honor by Radclyffe . All college educated, as were almost all agents except the rare few who came through military channels or some. Read “Above All Honor” by Radclyffe with Rakuten Kobo. The first in the Honor series Above All Honor introduces single-minded Secret Service Agent Cameron .

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She glanced into each of the smaller areas she passed, noting that the overt sexual activity increased the deeper she went into the building. In any case the whole book is basically Cam trying to keep Blair safe, Blair whining about the fact that people are trying to keep her safe and that Cam won’t sleep with her, and somehow the two women falling in love.

She paused at the sill, turning back casually. As it was, she was the unwilling participant in the charade.

A refreshing change, but much more of a challenge than the others. Read an Excerpt Above All, Honor. Their presence should be anticipated.

She also has a lot to deal with and move on from her past.

Above All, Honor

I want that clear. Blair Powell and Jane Graves have much in common and even more that sets them apart in an invisible battle raging on home soil. Cameron leaned relaxed against the wall, her tone friendly, her face composed.

Cam accompanied Blair across the drive to the private entrance to the White House. Beyond that scant information, she was a cipher. RightCam muttered to herself aboce she locked her car and joined the crowds on the ever busy streets of Greenwich Village. She is an eight-time Lambda Literary Award finalist in romance, mystery, and erotica—winning in both romance and erotica.


Blair surveyed her coolly. Thorns of the Past. Lists with This Book. Cam shook her head. Second Chance at Love.

Diane thought, but wisely did not say. Washington Friends High School, Wash.

She looked toward the aol with relief when she heard the knock. She was in a loft on a dingy block just off Houston in a massive bar that was dimly lit with recessed red lights.

Can had no doubt the woman was poised to orgasm right there at the bar.

Above All, Honor by Radclyffe | Bold Strokes Books

No, cancel Yes, report it Thanks! Cam carefully lifted the tape and removed the paper to reveal a cardboard box.

They become part of a greater picture where friends and family support each other in personal and recreational endeavors. The air around her was charged with sexuality.

HonorBook 1 By Radclyffe. Yes she’s not able to do whatever she wants whenever she wants but Blair has it good. Cam gasped in surprise as Blair pushed into her, fusing their bodies in the press of the milling crowd.

I just didnt care for her and I couldnt connect or relate. The romance itself was also good. Can groaned as Blair’s searching tongue hohor her mouth, adding heat to the fire that raged through her.

Above All, Honor

The President was vulnerable through his family. There was something close to pleading in her eyes. She knows it, and she uses it. I did at times wonder if certain terminologies weren’t used in order to appeal to a hetero audience. Blair didn’t relax until they were in the limo again on their way back to her apartment. I want a summary of every gay bar and restaurant in New York City.


Feb 25, Monica Burch rated it really liked it. Apparently the ATF was involved because they thought the same guys were trafficking guns as well as phony money. This radclydfe showed me how much I love heroic protagonists.

Street clothes, preferably something appropriate for the type of locales she is known to frequent.

Smashwords – Above All, Honor – a book by Radclyffe

Either radclhffe, Cam pitied Daniel Ryan. She is a seven time Lambda Literary Award finalist in romance, mystery and erotica–winning gadclyffe both romance Distant Shores, Silent Thunder and erotica Erotic Interludes 2: I think it’s easier to follow and it’s the better option to relate to the characters. If I promised to follow the letter of the law?

When the door closed, leaving them to their own separate lives, the lingering memory of that kiss was all that remained between them. When they arrived at the central viewing area, where the mayor and Blair would be commenting on the passing parade, Cam was greeted by the mayor’s chief of security, a serious looking red head in her early 40s. Cam had the kind of body Blair expected — lean and hard-muscled, a tightly coiled machine.

Honor Honro Book 8. While she waited for the computer to produce the information, she considered the situation. She’s perfectly beautiful, perfectly sexy, perfectly bratty, and completely self-centered.