Descriptor Spanish: Absceso Hepático Amebiano. Descriptor Portuguese: Abscesso Hepático Amebiano. Synonyms English: Amoebiasis, Hepatic Hepatic . specific purulent invasive lesion commonly of the liver caused by parasiticamebas abscesso amebiano um conjunto depus no fígado causada porum parasita. Como esperado, o tratamento com dexametasona no modelo murino de abscesso hepático amebiano reduziu o infiltrado inflamatório, no entanto.

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There was a significant decrease of parasitism and inflammation in mice treated with dexamethasone. Hepatomegaly is the most important physical sign in hepatic amebiasis.

Imaging of primary non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma of the liver. Cytopathogenic mechanisms of Entamoeba histolytica. Higher rates of mortality are directly linked to serious complications, mainly pericarditis and peritonitis. Percutaneous catheter-drainage of amebic liver abscess. Rev Clin Esp ; In addition to its aabscesso cost and accessibility, it has the ability to rapidly detect hepatic lesions at the different stages of the disease, determining their number, size and exact position Figure 6.

The abdominal CT scan is another valuable imaging procedure, with greater resolution and sensitivity in detecting hepatic lesions, especially the smaller ones, which is useful for early diagnosis [27]. Rev Infect Dis ;7: Amebic liver abscesses with pleuropulmonary complications. Pathogenesis of intestinal amoebiasis: If you have a Best Practice personal account, your own subscription or have registered for a free trial, log in here:.

The binding of antibodies to trophozoites was significantly higher in hamsters inoculated with E.

amebíase / Entamoeba histolytica

Secnidazole has the same pharmacodynamics as metronidazole, but it has different pharmacokinetics, with a much-extended half-life, maintaining high concentrations in tissues for more than 24 hours. During the treatment of hepatic amebiasis, in addition to chemotherapy, a percutaneous liver aspiration may be required, guided by ultrasonography and performed with care and asepsis to avoid contamination [60,61].


There is the risk of sepsis, needing prompt diagnosis and therapy with antibiotics. Under these circumstances Staphylococcus aureus is the principal invader aembiano.

Liver calcifications: frequency and significance

In the absence of complications, rapid clinical improvement is seen. In spite of the great number of asymptomatic patients infected by Entamoeba dispar or even by some strains of Entamoeba histolytica that remain in the luminal surface of the bowel, amebiasis in its invasive form, is responsible for enteric syndromes, ranging from frank dysentery to fulminant colitis, which is highly lethal.

Amebic ahscesso following ruptures of an amebic liver abscess.

World J Surg ; Jaundice is reported in cases with multiple lesions or a very large abscess, and it affects the prognosis adversely.

In patients with large abscesses, showing signs of imminent rupture, and especially those who do not respond to medical treatment, a percutaneous drainage must be performed with either ultrasound or computerized tomography guidance. Rio de Janeiro; Guanabara Koogan, On the superior surface, when the abscess extends upward, the process reaches the diaphragm and the overlying abscsso, causing empyema that can empty into a bronchus and form a broncho-pleuro-hepatic fistula.

The content of its central cavity is a thick, clotty exudate. Semin Roentgenol ; The clinical manifestations of hepatic amebiasis are so typical that they might suggest the diagnosis in the areas where it is prevalent, such as in Amazonia. Pregnant patients with amebic lesion for whom metronidazole is contraindicated.

The clinical and laboratorial data of all patients with liver calcifications were reviewed in order to establish the etiology of the lesions. Besides chest radiography, ultrasonography and computerized tomography have brought remarkable contributions to the diagnosis of hepatic abscesses.

Please enter a abxcesso username and password and try again. Clinical syndromes produced by left lobe abscess. CT of calcified liver metastases in colorectal carcinoma.


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Pneumopericardium complicating amoebic liver abscess. Its use is restricted; it is recommended exclusively as an adjunct of metronidazole, for patients with large and multiple amebic abscesses.

Formas extraintestinales y complicaciones. Although not yet commercially ameboano, there has been continuous progress in this field. I have some feedback on: Postgrad Med J ; Nevertheless, considering the very high mortality of the syndromes of rupture, with serious pulmonary implications, pericarditis, or more frequently, subphrenic abscess or even peritonitis with sepsis, surgical treatment can be absolutely necessary, and should be supplemented by antibiotics and other therapy [64,65].

Mice treated or not with dexamethasone were inoculated intra-hepatically with J Pathol ;1: Nowadays, the prognosis of hepatic amebiasis, diagnosed early and properly treated, is quite favorable and mortality should be approximately zero. In the majority of cases, a mild to moderate amebiani is present, with an average white blood cell count of 16, The extension of the hepatic amebiasis to the pericardium, also through a mechanism of contiguity, is responsible for serious syndromes that range from mild pericarditis to catastrophic purulent pericarditis [38,39,40].

Surgical considerations in the management of amoebic liver abscess. J Trop Med Hyg ; Br J Surg ; There may be a generalized enlargement, downward enlargement or upward enlargement of the right or left lobe, compressing the diaphragm. Take a look at our subscription options. For any urgent enquiries please contact our customer services team who are ready to help with any problems. In amebiank larger abscesses, a mass or a lump may sometimes be seen in the right hypochondria or epigastria [15] Figure 4.

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