Al Shorouk (Arabic: الشروق) is an independent daily Egyptian newspaper. It was published as an independent newspaper by “the Egyptian Company for. Egyptian photographers In the eyes of the al-Shorouk newspaper. By Thomas Kern. Ahmed Abdelatif Clashes in front of the presidential palace. Hisham Ramez, Egypt’s newly appointed central bank governor, tells Al-Shorouk newspaper Egypt has not requested a larger IMF loan, could do so if the.

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Its coverage ranges from for example the Egypt—Algeria World Cup dispute [8] to important political issues ao activity and interviews of militant Islamists. For an independent newspaper, the biggest challenge is remaining simultaneously open and critical.

She is upset, close to tears. Center for Research Libraries.


By continuing to use this newspapsr, you agree to their use. Archived from the original Analysis Paper on 11 October American University of Beirut. Only four of the photographers have a journalism background.

In a corner, half hidden under a table, Ravi, one of the team, huddles, dozing. From the smaller of the two rooms, Randa attempts to organise the work and lives of 16 professional photographers.

Dar El Shorouk | CairoBookStop

A man lies dead after being shot by the Egyptian army, which sborouk fire on mostly Islamist protesters marching towards the Republican Guard headquarters. Sabry Khaled Egypt suffers from daily electricity cuts.


Tearing down the wall blocking Qasr-el-Aini street from Tahrir Square. The case generated protests, a Facebook page against torture and the subsequent Egyptian revolution that overthrew Hosni Mubarak.

This page was last edited on 18 Juneat Retrieved 1 March Retrieved 1 January Retrieved from ” https: When Fair Play Died”. I think of Ravi and hope that he has at least had something substantial to eat today.

Retrieved 25 September There is no insurance, and her employer is not likely to repay her if she were to lose her gear. Before my departure, I meet Randa one more time for dinner. Hanging on the wall in a corner, three hard hats, a selection of gas masks and bullet-proof vests. Roger Anis Members of the Egyptian army get into strategic positions all over the country.

In the eyes of the al-Shorouk newspaper – SWI

It was later rebuilt. Shoroik his success in Cairo, el-Moallem opened a second branch in Beirut the following year, then later added a printing division to each branch. Anti Muslim Brothers and Mursi supporters fighting each other in Mokattam hills, near the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters. Before they made photography their profession they were lawyers, engineers, artists, dentists or students.

Take the example of Heba.

Heba Khalifa A family mourns their son, killed in the clashes that resulted in the burning of the Muslim Brotherhood main office in Mokattam.

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Al Shorouk (Egyptian newspaper)

At the main branch new releases are to the right along the front wall, further in is a nesspaper of new fiction, and literary works continue to line the wall to your right as you walk further in. The others are on assignment or at home. Said was murdered by two policemen just outside of his home.


Mohamed El Moallem Established: Around ten male and female members of the photography team have zl. Tear gas, rubber bullets, flying stones, thugs, or police batons that rain down on her in the best case or on her shoroyk the worst case. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The two rooms devoted to picture editing are small and the three computers old. Protest at the high court calling for the release of detained activists on May 5, They all realise that they are a part of this evolution.

Her training as a visual artist hardly prepared her for the problems she is faced with today as a photo journalist. Retrieved 8 May The incident happened as tens of thousands rallied around the country, chanting “down with military rule”.