DD Basu has great chapters regarding Introduction, how the constitution came into being, FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS(The most important chapter) and then. Buy online INTRODUCTION TO THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA by D D BASU. Buy online WORKBOOK ON CONSTITUTION OF INDIA by D D Basu. Introduction to the Constitution of India This book is the first of its kind, which presents the great work of Dr. DD Basu in the form of a workbook, supplementing his.

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Constitutlon 30, Chandra Kanth rated it it was amazing Shelves: In addition, each chapter consists of footnotes and references to help advanced students and researchers. Educational and Professional Books. The language is simply beautiful which is least expected from an Indian academic author at university level. Sep 06, Gaurav rated it really liked it. Introduction to the Constitution of India.

Introduction To The Constitution Of India

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While most other writers of consequence on Indian constitution are dull and drab, the inherent strength of this book is the energy that the author has put in to defend the cherished ideals of the constitution.

This book is essential for those pursuing their higher education in political science and law. Contains materials, figures and charts not included in any publication so far on the subject.

What’s more astonishing about the book is that unlike many other academic book I bought the book considering that it will just revisit all the articles, schedules and provisions contained in the Indian constitution. It gives an account of the working of each of the provisions of the Constitution during its d.v.basu decade with reference to statutes and decisions wherever necessary, together with the critical estimate of its trends.


Which edition is better. The status of Jammu and Kashmir and the provisions of its State Constitution have been fully dealt with.


How did you miss this one? A very good book detailing the constitution of India. Introduction to the Constitution of India Gujarati Translation. Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code of India.

Introduction to the Constitution of India Marathi Translation. A magisterial piece of work. Certified BuyerDakshina Kannada District. Introduction to the Constitution of India Telugu Translation. May 07, Nishant Raj rated it it was amazing.

introeuction Company Secretarial Practice Manual. Some topics are not covered in this book. Feb 05, Muhammad Elahi is currently reading it. It is necessary read for everyone.

Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles have been explained in much detail with the help of its history, amendments, working and several landmark judgement of Supreme This book by Acharya D D Basu is a masterpiece Book starts with an overall introduction of the constitution and subsequently goes through all the parts of constitution.

Outstanding Features of our Constitution What’s more astonishing about the book is that unlike many other academic books which just get the things done through mere facts this book has done a fair job in interpreting various judgements and correlating them to the aforementioned provisions in the book. May 18, Priyesh Raj rated it really liked it. Basu does a brilliant job in explaining the dreams and aspirations of the founding fathers, various discussions that lead to the core values, how other constitution inspired us and how it was adapted to match with our social, political and economic scenarios.


This book is an innovative initiative which aims at adding comprehensive element and creative concepts, making this workbook extensive in its coverage.

Introduction To The Constitution Of India by Durga Das Basu

It traces the Constitutional history of India since the Government of India Na, ; analyses the provisions of the present Constitution and explains the inter-relation between its diverse contents. Basu’s book is by far the best work on constitution I’ve come across. Cross-posted from here Introduction to the Constitution of India is a fantastic book on the subject of Indian Constitution and presents a wonderful commentary on the same. Sep 04, Pk rated constithtion it was amazing Recommends it for: Books by Durga Das Basu.

Jul 14, Chanti rated it really liked it. Then on top of that it gives you an thorough understanding about Polity, which no other book will be able to do. The book’s scope is way beyond what my course prescribed, but I read it anyway. Dr K S Chauhan Parliament: Commentary on the Constitution of India; Vol May 05, D.d.basy marked it as to-read.

The Philosophy of the Constitution Brace up, its heavy! It has a tough language for basic learners of the Indian constitution.