Andre Gunder Frank asks us toReOrientour views away from Eurocentrism-to see the rise of the West as a mere blip in what was, and is again becoming. ReORIENT: Global Economy in the Asian Age. By Andre Gunder Frank. ( Berkeley, University of California Press, ) pp. $ cloth $ paper . ReOrient, Dependency, World System, World-System, Underdevelopment, Development, Theory, Dependence, Pax Americana, US hegemony, Andre, Gunder.

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It insists on a completely necessary reorientation of academic and political frrank. Evaluation Evaluation by eight referees commissioned by four publishers: Gunder Frank provides ample proof in his arguments and successfully disproves long held Eurocentric ideas about the origins of the modern economics, commerce, and industry.

This section proposes and then examines a hypothesis based on world-wide and subsidiary regional demand-and-supply relations for labor-saving and power-producing technological innovation.

The book itself, despite its gujder read status” and historical importance, is very poorly written and highly repetitious.

With his new book, Re-Orient, Frank is again charting a new territory, this time challenging his friends and foes alike, including the former Frank himself, to think beyond narrow Eurocentric approaches reorientt the vicissitudes of world economic change and continuity. Fujiwara-Shoten4th printingpp Seoul: Get to Know Us. Much will be completely new to many other historians and social scientists who will have to change their views and rewrite their lectures after they read it.

Andre Gunder Frank, ReOrient: Global Economy in the Asian Age (ann.)

The book is fundamental because it explains the basics of this Asian economic advantage, how post Westerners could delude themselves while their ancestors Adam Smith being the most famous dedicated pages of study to record and analyse why Asia was so superior to the West in almost everything and why the West has risen and is maybe falling beyond again.

Journal of Interdisciplinary History. Review “A hugely important contribution to the critique of Eurocentric history. The book builds up, chapter by chapter, the global scaffolding that will permit the construction of at least preliminary answers derived from the structure and dynamic of the world economy as a whole. Chapter 3 examines the role of money in the world economy as a whole and in shaping the relations among its regional parts.


A work of highest intellectual, social and moral importance. Read reviews that mention world history world economy gunder frank industrial revolution rise of the west andre gunder great divergence global economy economic development china and india economic system new world frank book asia reorient important eurocentric centuries east reorieent.

I also believed in American exceptionalism. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Chapter 3 signals how American and Japanese money went around the reorienr circulatory system and provided the life blood that made the world go round.

Andre Gunder Frank asks us to ReOrient our views away from Eurocentrism—to see the rise of the West as a mere blip in what was, and is again becoming, an Asia-centered world.

Would have a major impact [1].

Andre Gunder Frank

Nonetheless, some criticisms can be made. It forces us to confront the assumptions and frnak that our ideas and research have stood upon for generations. You are probably correct in essentials on many of the boldest hypotheses, and notably the global framing of the economy, on the argument of the centrality of Asia for the periodand on the rejection of the entire Eurocentric analysis of incorporation, and all that [3].

No scholar can afford to ignore this serious book. This can be a landmark book that not only arouses powerful controversy but shapes substantially the scholarship and understanding of the next generation of researchers.

This book breaks new ground rworient an historiographic self- consciousness that should make it accessible to readers who nadre nevertheless find the major theses a basic challenge to their assumptions and understandings of early modern world history.

See all 18 reviews. Global Economy in the Asian Age definitely is a book with a message. Adopting such a globalist perspective is no easy task, however, as most of our contemporary social science, history included, is trapped in an Eurocentric ideology masquarading as universal science.


Why mechanized industry appeared when and where it did in Europe is not considered. That is the first question posed in this section. Frank’s main thesis is ajdre by now anre, if still far fran, acknowledged fact that Europe was ahead neither in technological development nor in wealth nor in military power in the days of the Columbian conquests of the Americas.

About the Book Andre Gunder Frank asks us to ReOrient our views away from Eurocentrism—to see the rise of the West as a mere blip in what was, and is again becoming, an Asia-centered world. In a bold challenge to frano historiography and social theory he turns on its head the world according to Marx, Weber, and If you read the concluding few pages, you will have the main points of the argument.

There is a large literature on the flow of money from the silver mines in the Americas to Europe, and there has been some concern also with its onward remittance to Asia. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List.

ReORIENT: Global Economy in the Asian Age – Andre Gunder Frank – Google Books

The immense power of the book rests on the ability to provoke and force one to rethink many facets of history that have been taken for granted for a long long time.

A central idea put forward by the author is that in order to understand history one has to place the analysis squarely into a world-encompassing model of the global economy. Such cyclical and monetary analysis is used to help account in the s for the simultaneous fall of the Ming in China and of revolution in England, rebellion in Spain and Japan, and other problems in Manila and elsewhere.