The other names of the plant are Neolamarckia cadamba, Nauclea cadamba ( Roxb.), Anthocephalus cadamba (Roxb.) Miq., Samama cadamba (Roxb.) Kuntze . Anthocephalus cadamba is one of such ayurvedic remedy that has been mentioned in many Indian medicinal literatures. This article discusses about the. Anthocephalus kadamba, Neolamarckia cadamba, A. chinensis, s. Common name: Kadamba, Kadam, Bur – Flower Tree; Regional name: Marathi.

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It is crucially significant as it has the largest number of phytochemicals and secondary metabolites viz.

This festive custom has been adopted by the Tulu people. He was in the form of a spear under a anthocephallus tree. Krishna insisted that they come out naked to receive their garments. There is a growing interest in herbal remedies due to the various side effects associated with these therapeutic agents.

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Neolamarckia cadamba – Wikipedia

The flowers attract pollinators. Ayurvedic science is deeply rooted in India and its neighboring countries. Indian J Appl Pure Biol. The extract of Cadamba was also effective against the foot and mouth disease of animals. This page was last edited on 12 Octoberat The dry hydroethanolic extract of the flowering tops of the Cadamba has exhibited a anthoecphalus decrease in the frequency of fecal droppings in castor anthocephxlus diarrhea in mice. Onam Kerala and Huttari Kodagu are regional variants of this festival.

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Most of these symptoms may be due to the action of higher concentrations of non-immunoglobulin proteins present in commercially available hyperimmune antivenom. This review has showcased various biological and pharmacological activities of the Cadamba. Continue Cancel Send email OK. Antibacterial properties of Anthocephalus cadamba fruits. The ethanolic extracts of Cadamba bark powder extract at a dosage of 0.

For Germination Kadam Seed (Anthocephalus Cadamba), Pack Size: 1 Kg

Anticancer, antioxidant, Cadambapharmacology, phytochemical. Kadamba wood is very easy to preserve using either open tank or pressure-vacuum systems. Footnotes Source of Support: Medicinal plants and antimicrobial activity.

There is a number of reports on the use of plant extracts for killing mosquito larvae. Anthelmintic activity of Bacopa monierri.

For Germination Kadam Seed (Anthocephalus Cadamba), Pack Size: 1 Kg | ID:

It has scented orange flowers in dense globe-shaped clusters. Kodom flower of Bangladesh Neolamarckia cadamba also known as Anthocephalus cadamba, Kadam. Antioxidant secoiridoids from fringe tree Chionanthus virginicus L. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Nature of Business Manufacturer.

They have antyocephalus that the methanolic extract of Cadamba bark showed significant increase in urinary output as compared to aqueous, chloroform, and petroleum ether extracts. Kadam flowers are sweetly fragrant, red to orange in colour, occurring in dense, globular heads of approximately 5.


The fresh leaves are fed to cattle. Bioefficacy of plant-mediated gold nanoparticles and Anthocepholus cadamba on filarial vector, Culex quinquefasciatus Insecta: Kadamba is mentioned in the Bhagavata Purana. It is easy to work, with hand and machine tools, cuts cleanly, gives a very good surface and is easy to nail.

Author information Article anthocepbalus Copyright and License information Disclaimer. According anthocehpalus mythology, the whole universe is made of five elements or panchtatva fire, earth, air, soil, and waterincluding plants and animals. Here paralysis was said to occur when the normal worm did not revive in saline, while death was concluded to have occurred when the worms lost their motility followed by the fading of their body color.

There are very few derived products from the Cadamba known so far that have been commercialized or been recommended in daily life for people.

There are various side effects of such therapies, viz.