AUSTRALIA’S peak nutrition body has slammed Gold Coaster Ashy Bines’ Clean Eating Diet Plan as one of the worst diets in the country. Ashy Bines has claimed to help women all around the world lose kilos off their body by introducing her “meal plans” however, these meals. Ashy Bines has claimed to help women all around the world lose kilos off their body by introducing her “meal plans” however, these meals plans are flawed.

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Ashy Bines 12 Week Bikini Body Challenge

My mental health got a lot better as well, and eventually I stopped taking medication to treat bi-polar, anxiety xiet depression. ILuvNailPolish 3 Hines 7: There was no meal plan as such or recipes present in this PDF, which I feel is false advertising.

I found this site that has heaps of free stuff for weightloss and working out http: Also, myfitnesspal, and calorie king are both free and are sooo worth using. Can’t wait to start! Now, I’m excited because everyday I’m preparing fun and tasty meals while melting away fat.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. There’s soooo much wrong with it legally, nutritionally, ethically.

Ashy Bines 12 Week Bikini Body Challenge

This site uses cookies. I do think she has marketed herself very well so good on her, and alot of people seem to be getting results. Thank dief Ashy Bines!! I think women should just be kind to themselves, eat clean nutritious food and love their bodies no matter what the size. PrettyPrincess 14 Aug 1: I hate it when companies market purely towards people who are a bit scared of exercise. Paid a ridiculous amount of money and got a 20 page ebook telling me not to eat lettuce and what supps to take.


Good quality food making life so much easier. I do not recommended binee to use this joke of a program. I just love it! The fb page was a great supportive experience for various recipes, tips etc from others on same journey. There are many hundreds of recipes in the forum and there is a support network of 13 members. Since beginning Lite n easy in September ive lose 12kg so I couldn’t be happier!

What her book says reiterates what you have already read online. They said they were experiencing shipping troubles but reading over past reviews they have been having “shipping troubles” for over a year pllan. TaraLeeCupcake 17 Jul 1: The only thing that stinks is you have to be very disciplined and some times its hard but so far I have been successful! Trying to look like a bikini model isn’t realistic when you have a different body type.

I have been hearing alot about this plan and I can’t believe people would pay that much for very little. I loved this plan.


Ms Bines said her team could not understand what the DAA was referring to and her guidelines gave reasonable advice such as eating chicken breast over chicken mince. Also the guidelines don’t force you to drink lots of protein shakes and no where does it say that you have to eat mass amounts of ryvitas I am waaaayyy too poor to buy the Ashy Bines plan thanks to some ridicuously priced textbooks, but I found this somewhere and thought I’d share. If you stick to a decent clean diet and exercise regularly for 12 weeks, of course you’re going to see results.

Ashy Bines Clean Eating Diet Plan Reviews –

Among a list of 11 popular diets, Lemon Detox Diet came out the worst for the third year running, with more than two- thirds diwt dietitians voting against it.

Say goodbye to dairy forever Ridiculous. Not happy with the service especially when I’m located near them. Save your money and look up the info on Pinterest or torrent the ebooks.