CiteSeerX – Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): Learn basic ideas of making new ultra efficient electric motors and generators!. Basic Principles of Over Unity Electromagnetic Machines: A Scientific View Into the World of Free Energy from Electric Charges and Magnetic Fields. Front Cover . Get this from a library! Basic principles of over unity electromagnetic machines: a scientific view into the world of free energy from electric charges and magnetic.

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Note that in this book there is not a detailed design of a specific machine other than those of the US patents presented in the Appendix. In theory we get out from the collapsing magnetic field as much we invested into it minus radiation resistance provided we give the back-emf a circuit to flow in.

You have no idea what a resource this is to simple garage inventors. The same is true with the electromagnetic field.

Very easy to get free digital money! Like many inventors we all stand on the shoulders of giants and we add to their original genius.

Logged Free Energy searching for free energy and discussing free energy Book: First November 14, Publisher: It has much more details, figures, new ideas and explanations. Thanks for your much appreciated Work. Soon I will be a contributor to this book and will be combining several principles into one new practice and thanks to the book itself it will be easier to show prior art and prior principles and their sources.


Histeresis loses are also turned into heat loses. It will avoid pathetic trials and errors.

Book: Basic Principles of Over Unity Electromagnetic Machines

The reader will learn basic ideas of making new ultra efficient electric motors and generators and how to improve existing patents which use permanent magnets. Strong research materialSeptember 24, By Georgios V.

A very interesting book, it really gave me some new angles on looking at this fascinating subject, I will be reading it again, and will probably alter my thinking on some projects. It’s interesting that the author blatantly mentions “perpetual motion” and electromagnetoc experiment where the laws of thermodynamics break down!

Opposing voltage and voltage drop will return energy back to circuit. Goethe said that the biggest secrets were the open ones.

If we used superconductors then there would be no heat loses at all. The examples and technical references are practical and fairly easy to understand. There are a few language translation errors that do not take anything away from understanding the content.

If you look at it we have just found why hysteresis works, the delay in magnetization of overuinty core for whatever reason causes a loss of energy due to the fact that by the time it becomes magnetized there is electrpmagnetic greater current flowing and the opposing voltage is working against a greater current.

Yes, it gives some maths but only just very maths. I hope the author will offer a second edition with lots of photos elextromagnetic working machines. German National Library — Leipzig, Germany. This induces a voltage in the coil that opposes the current applied. You are not overloaded with too complicated and useless equations.


Basic Principles of Construction for OverUnity Electro Motors and Generators PDF

Statistic Support Search Help F. Yes, it gives some maths but only just very mathsNot too much maths but enough. Sweden A great book with very easy to understand examples. A must for every engineer who has an “open mind”. Click jachines image to enlarge.

Logged Free Energy searching for free energy and discussing free energy Re: If any problem occurs in purchase, please email office veljkomilkovic. The book has similar title, but is machjnes.

February 21, Obviously the author knows what he is talking about. This work, minus heat losses inside the circuit, is free energy or over unity energy. Keep up the good work! The text below is from veljkomilkovic.

Basic Principles of Over Unity Electromagnetic Machines — A New Groundbreaking Book!

Although I do not think too much about unity, this book deserves to be covered. One of the examples cited is of one Daniel Quale machine. January 25, ,