So I know that they designed some aerotech units for the game, but I haven’t seen any Aerotech Bay’s on the Argo from the cohcarnage stream. Stand-alone game that joins to BattleTech series adding aerospace fighters & drop ships. Fighters must penetrate outer defenses while taking advantage of. BATTLETECH – Beta Backer Europa Universalis IV: Rights of Man Crusader Kings II: Reapers Due Hearts of Iron IV: Field Marshal Hearts of.

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Agree x 3 Helpful x 1. This lead to re-scheduling the game-event at some locations and some points, there was outright emotional responses to weapons in space by aerohech fans due to Columbia disaster. VictoLuApr 12, Artillary, ground support and the like are going to be situational to the mission. Yeah, the one thing i was hoping to see was proper combined arms. Tactical Operations another Total Warfare series advance rules book, includes new Advanced Aerospace type equipment which is considered non-Tournament.

Previous publications are compatible or converted for use in the Total Warfare series of rules books. Thanks for the info gentlemen.

All that is left are unarmed jump ships and the dropships they carry. May 21, Messages: This was exclusive prize battlefech winner of a AT2R launch event. It came in a large introduction box like AeroTech, and included an extensive history of the universe up to batyletech May 22, Messages: Originally posted by Jason:. Will sell argo for this thing. Such as WarshipsSpace Stationsand Dropships. A Naval AC10 round weighs about a half ton.


Feb 24, Messages: Front cover of AeroTech. Given that the Argo is itself technically a drop ship and not a jump ship, she is NOT protected by the universal embargo against firing on jump ships.

For the rocketry company, see Aerotech consumer aerospace. Sep 16, Messages: Treasure fleets of gold and silver from the New World power an empire that spans the globe. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. CyttorakApr 12, Mar 7, Messages: Such as WarshipsSpace Stationsand Dropships. Yes, my password is: The book was renamed – Technical Readout: There have been 5 revisions of these rules.

Third edition of the Aerospace rules, based on BattleSpace rules. There are aeroteh aerospace fighters in the game at this time. The first rule set was simply known as Aerotech and later referred to as Aerotech 1 or AT1. These pictures were full-color pictures of metal miniatures of Warships.

AeroTech – Wikipedia

I hope this game is a huge hit so we get good combined arms. Can someone tell me how the airstrikes will work?

Additional new xerotech were introduced to the games including new Warships, Aerospace fighters, and dropships. Feb 22, Messages: Intro mission you see bombing of the city.

Due to balance problems, AT1 was replaced by an edition known as BattleSpace. Showing 1 – 11 of 11 comments. Fourth edition battleteech the Aerospace rules, clear up problems encountered in original AeroTech2 rule book.


Jump ships cannot be built anymore and firing upon a jumpship will put a death sentence on your head that absolutely everyone in the universe will be happy to carry out. This is a simple thread – let’s just talk about them. Lean on your war lodge for support in your conquests, bow before the Pope to claim your divine throne or establish a legendary bloodline aerotecu will echo through the ages.

If xerotech enemy also have access to air support i figure there could be some ability where you call in your own fighters to counter theirs and make sure that your own mechs aren’t targeted by strafing runs. LardaltefApr 12, And when we will see them?

Let’s talk about AeroTech Fighters, Dropships and WarShips 😉

DheranApr 12, For the automobile, see Oldsmobile Aerotech. BattleTech games Board wargames. Contents [ show ]. By using this site, you agree to the Adrotech of Use and Privacy Policy.

Commanding a wing of aerospace fighters would be a completely different game, unless you are referring to an abstract like simply calling in an air strike. Additionally the book expanded to also included, new art, mini technical readout for various aerospace fighters, and the color schemes of faction’s navies who have Warships.