Sulekha Creative Blog – Bhaja Govindam of Jagadguru Shankaracharya in English Verse, by Girdhar Gopal Your impatience and anger are without meaning. Bhaja Govindam [Praise/Seek Govinda (Vishnu)] also known as Moha Mudgara ( Hammer [to अवतार-वरिष्ठाय रामकृष्णाय ते नमः ॥ meaning “( Salutations) to the establisher of Dharma who is of the essence of all of nature;. Bhaja Govindam of Adi Shankaracharya with Slokas and Translation.

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Thus was a silly grammarian lost in rules cleansed of his narrow vision and shown the Light by Shankara’s apostles.

INDIASPIRITUALITY: English Translation of Bhaja Govindam by Adi Shankara

Other than chanting the Lord’s names, there is no other way to cross the life’s ocean. Chronology of Hindu texts. Give up the thirst to possess wealth. Distribute your wealth in charity to the poor and the needy. Redeem me through Thy mercy. Rules of grammar will not save you at the time of your death.

The reason is that this was an extempore recital to an old man. A biography of Shankara and his other compositions of Vedic literature can be found in the shankara.

This is generally attributed as the reason for the decline of Buddhism and the rise in what in modern times is called Hinduism. Where is samsAra, the world, when the Truth is known?

Stanza attributed to nityAnanda. It really inspired me and thanks for Adi Shankara may he bless us more with such wisdom. He lived during a time when Hinduism was in decline with a rise of Buddhism and the first contacts of Islam in givindam Indian sub continent. Stanza attributed to yogAnanda.


It seemed to him that the profoundest religion and the profoundest philosophy were those of the Upanishads. His teachings have had tremendous impact on Hinduism and on religious thought of over a billion Hindus.

Regulate the pranas, remain unaffected by external influences and discriminate between the real and the fleeting. Govinda be Praised O You mindless fool!

Who is my mother, who is my father?

Bhaja Govindam of Adi Shankaracharya – Slokas, Traslation, Meaning

There is only one thing in three worlds that can save you ggovindam the ocean of samsAra, get into the boat of satsanga, company of good people, quickly. Rules of Grammar will not save you at the time of your death.

However, the significance of the text goes much deeper and contains a well defined philosophy of attaining salvation. Supremely wonderful indeed is this samsara. Do not boast of wealth, friends, and youth. Who is your son? Please help to maintain respect for volunteer spirit.

Bhaja Govindam

Who is your wife? The first stanza of the composition, featuring the eponymous line “Bhaja Govindam”, reads as follows: Reflect thus at all times. Who is my mother?

Bhaja govindaM is divided into dvAdashamanjarikA stotram and chaturdashamanjarika stotram. Strange is this samsAra, the world. XXXII bhajagovindam bhajagovindam govindam bhajamuudhamate naamasmaranaadanyamupaayam nahi pashyaamo bhavatarane. From self-settledness comes JIvan muktI. Ponder thus, look at everything as essenceless and give up the world as an idle dream. To the rich, there is fear even from his own son.


Rajagopalachari put in his commentary, “When intelligence jnana matures and lodges securely bhajs the heart, it becomes wisdom vignyana. This page was last edited on 30 Augustat Give up your thirst to amass wealth, devote your mind to thoughts to the Real. Reflect thus at all times.

Do not fail to remember this again and again in govindm mind. Bhaja govindaM has been set to musical tones and sung as prayer songs by children. From where do I come? In the three worlds it is the association-with-good-people alone that can serve as a boat to cross the sea of change, birth and death.

Taking pity on him, Adi Shankara went up to the scholar and advised him not to waste his time on grammar at his age but to turn his mind to God in worship and adoration, which mewning only save him from this vicious cycle of life and death. Stanza attributed to surendra.

Give up your thirst to amass wealth, devote your mind to thoughts to the Real. Is there no one to guide you? A milder approach would delay the matter.