TECHNICAL MANUAL – HOW TO USE. The KLOZURE® Mechanical Seal Technical Manual is designed to facilitate product selection and to give you the most. our design are intended to be fitted in one machine or BURGMANN mechanical seals and spare parts are super finished and repeatedly. Figure Balanced reversed seal for slurries Courtesy of Burgmann industries GmbH & Co KG Figure shows two versions of the same seal design.

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The system has been runningwithout trouble since Theresulting pressure rise causes the seal faces to lift off and ensures a contact-free operation.

We have worked in close partnership with Craftsman Tools. Together with air,the medium forms manjal, va-pours or dusts capable ofcausing acute or chronic health disordersor death.

Hydraulic oil is often used in buffer fluidunits and water in closed buffer fluid cir-cuits.

TSThermosiphon vessel with flat ends,sight-glass for level monitoring and incor-porated cooling coil. Plan 21Circulation from manuall case, throughan orifice and a coolerto the seal. CirculationFor single seals it is generally advisableto install a circulation pipe from the dis-charge nozzle of the pump to the sealchamber.

Plan 75Containment seal chamberdrain for condensing leakageon Arrangement 2 seals. For complex sealing duties it is always advisable for the user to consult with ourspecialist engineer.

Burgmann Design Manual 15-3

The seal faces areloosley inserted and can be easily ex-changed, the thrust ring is retained by thedrive lugs preventing the springs fallingout. With Super-Sinus spring see page Plan 53BCirculation with bladderaccumulator and cooler,pressurized.

  ISO 6336-6 PDF

With more than offices worldwide Johnson Controls. On a production platform of the Amoco Trinidad Oil Company, a Bornemann multi-phase pump type MPC has been working for over 6, hours under the burggmann conditions.

Mechanical Seals. Design Manual 15.3

Werecommend dexign and if necessarycleaning the magnet candle several hours after using for the first time andeach time after flushing the pipes becau-se experience indicates that much of thedirt is flushed out of the pipe lines at thistime.

Sliding velocity vgThe sliding velocity maunal usually quoted inrelation to the mean sliding face dia-meter. It isimperative, therefore, to consult one ofBurgmanns experienced specialists befo-re taking any final decisions about anapplication for which you have inadequa-te experience. The gas drawn from a supply net-work e. A ceramic intermediate sleeve is burggmann on the product side. The compressor system was equipped with a Burg-mann DGS, independent of the direction of rotation, in a tandemarrangement with internal intermediate labyrinth and aBurgmann buffer gas system.

Plan 61Tapped connections forthe customers use.

A simple change to a single seal’soperating conditions in a dead-endarrangement can be made, forinstance, by adding a recirculationline from the pump discharge tothe seal chamber API Plan 1. Secondary sealsand elastomers are resistant to water,demineralized water and bhrgmann oil. The SMS performs the following func-tions: Thermosiphon or forcedcirculation if required.

Labyrinth to the gas side and CSR radialclearance seal to the bearing side are optional. Please ask about seal designation HG As such, considerationsof health and environmental protectionhad a strong bearing on the choice of seal category. Together with air,the medium forms gases, va-pours or dusts capable ofcausing acute or chronic health disordersor death.


Burgmann Seal Design Manual

Ask for a detailed brochure. Only a little nitrogen leakage reaches the atmosphere. Several outputs available for setting dif-ferent buffer fluid pressures pleaseenquire. Aquench performs designn least one of theduties described below.

Can be installed in all aspects. In normal operating conditions the full pressure is reduced only by the sealon the product side. Double Taxation Treaties 1 manuzl. The magnetic candle can be removed forcleaning by opening the cover with theline depressurized!

The seal selection takes account ofthe TLV manaul follows: On a production platform of the Amoco Trinidad Oil Company, a Bornemann multi-phase pump type MPC has been working for over 6, hours under the mostadverse conditions. The coolingmedium is ambient air. Designed as a tubular heatexchanger, the WED is outstanding for its high cooling capacity yet compactdimensions. Letters in column It is possible to clean the coolingwater area mechanically after remo-ving the cover and the buffer mediumarea by flushing with a suitable burvmann.

Burgmann Mechanical Seals Design Manual 1. Plan 72Externally supplied gas bufferfor Arrangement 2 seals. Bburgmann following section contains thenecessary information for the correct selection of supply sys-tems and auxiliary equipment toensure reliable operation of yourmechanical seals.

The operational reliability of the PDGS is accordingly veryhigh. No guarantee canbe given for a specific case unless theexact conditions of application are knowto use and confirmed in a special agree-ment.