Chocolate conching is not a precisely defined process and there are still elements of skill in producing a good flavoursome chocolate with the right viscosity for. The manufacture of chocolate is done through several processing stages which require maintenance of the liquid state up to the final stage – tempering (turning. The process of conching is unique to the chocolate industry and critical to the production of fine chocolate. Yet it remains an arcane mystery to.

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Conching and Refining — Chocolate Alchemy

Yet it remains an arcane mystery to most chocolate lovers. After refining for 10 hours, at 1 hour increments, there was no noticeable grit left from the sugar. This page was last edited on 16 Augustat Not stuff anyone would want in a chocolate bar.

We will worry about over refining when we get there. Lindt’s invention rapidly changed chocolate from being mainly a drink to being made into bars and other confections.

In a two quart, nonaluminum, heavy-bottom saucepan, combine butter slices and both chocolates. Develop the flavor more fully by allowing the flavor components to permeate the cocoa butter more fully. Some definitions are probably in order. A modern rotary conche can process 3 to 10 tonnes of chocolate conchihg less than 12 hours.

Food scientists are still studying precisely what happens during conching and why. It is a Tough Life: Toast the almonds for 9 to 12 minutes, stirring frequently, until they take on a light golden color watch carefully; nuts can burn quickly.

Remove to cooling rack, but leave oven on.

Conching: Crucial Step in Chocolate’s Flavor and Texture?

It will not hurt a thing. Once chocolate liquor is produced from the cacao nibs, more cocoa butter must be added back to it to produce couverture or other chocolate meant to be eaten as is. Anywhere from about F on up to F. Ice cream maker VitaMix Cuisinart Blenders many makes and models Juicers including the Champion, which is the only juicer we know of that will liquify the cocoa nibs, but still doesn’t touch sugar The oh so romantic Mortar and pestle Ball mills homemade they were just too expensive Rock tumblers with steel shot The Spectra melanger has a heavy motor that rotates a granite slab 10 lbs and two large heavy 7.


Meanwhile, preheat oven to degrees F. Imagine if someone offered you a roasted peach pit or apple seed. Even if you chocolate is not exactly like to want it, it is still going to be good, primarily because you are using fresh quality cocoa beans.

Even worse, excessive conching eventually strips away all the natural flavour and acidity from chocolate leaving a bar that is flat, bland and lifeless. Family members claim that, as a child, she was able to hear chocolate being opened in the kitchen no matter where she was in the house.

Conching and Refining

During conching, the chocolate is heated to temperatures of to F, sometimes externally, sometimes just from friction. After fermentation they don’t taste much better. Chocolwte you need to stop the refining, just do. Ziegler reported that, in a triangle taste test conducted at Penn State with choccolate panel of twenty members of the confectionery industry, none could tell the difference between conched and unconched milk chocolate.

We’ll cover these important steps in a future post, but for now we want to focus on what happens next – conchibg grinding and conching that turns them into chocolate. Although the list is by no means conclusive, different things we have and failed to use as chocolate refiner are as follows:. Especially at home, it is your choice. Views Read Edit View history.

This is different from refining really. But, unlike those others, Wen Chocolates have genuine, and genuinely delicious, flavor.


Allow volatile oils and other ingredients to evaporate Reduce the acidity of the chocolate through the evaporation of acetic acid. When ingredients are mixed in this way, sometimes for up to 78 hours, chocolate can be produced with a mild, rich taste. What is your favorite chocolate moment? The pan is still hot! Concjing Spectra melanger has a heavy motor that rotates a granite slab 10 lbs and two large heavy 7.

Conching Conch comes from the Spanish word concha, which means shell. In the pasty phase more of the particles are coated with the fats from the cocoa.

Round off the particulates within the chocolate through the use of friction. Order online at www. Though he was initially distraught at the waste of energy and machine wear and tear, he quickly realized he had made a major breakthrough. Note that these must stand at least 6 to 8 hours before they are cut into bars, or the marshmallows will be too sticky. Sugar is usually added during the grinding so the finished product could be and sometimes is tempered and molded out into bars.

Refining and Conching – The Grenada Chocolate Company

Rodolphe Lindt invented the “conche” in Berne, Switzerland in You can toast the almonds before you make the brownies, if you prefer. The temperature of the conche is controlled and varies for different types of chocolate. After about 5 hours you can see most of the grit has been refined away, but you should note that there is not a lot of gloss to the chocolate. You can add your pre-heated sugar at this point too.