Published in as a full page spread in The New York Times, The Baltimore Sun, and other newspapers, Dabru Emet sought to put on public record the most . Dabru Emet: Its Significance for the Jewish-Christian Dialogue. by Rabbi David Rosen. Address delivered at the 20th anniversary celebration of the Dutch. Dabru Emet (“Speak the Truth”) is a statement by more than Jewish scholars issued in September In recent years, there has been a.

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It has also been pointed out that Jewish-Christian reconciliation itself has impacted on society well beyond the bilateral dialogue. I would like to receive.

The communal autonomy that Judaism affirms may serve more appropriately as a model for a multicultural society, while Christianity may provide a better response for individual alienation in the modern world. Today, in the West particularly, all religions are minorities and are vulnerable though that vulnerability and minority status actually has its own empowerment.

Dabru Emet: A Jewish statement about Christianity

I agree with much of it, including the controversial but carefully balanced passage denying that Nazism was a Christian phenomenon. However, the position may also be criticized for its ontological self-contradiction. As we approach Simchat Torah in this new year ofI would ask you to share the attached with the drafters of Dabru Emet: Many Protestant and Catholic faith groups have issued official apologies for their historical mistreatment of Jews and Judaism.

However the remarkable strides in Jewish-Christian relations over the last four decades have produced a new openness to such. The Jewish community does not need persuading as to the case of Christian historic guilt and responsibility for antisemitism — on the contrary!

Christians know and serve God through Jesus Christ and the Christian tradition. Timlin Bishop of Scranton. This page translator works on Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari rmet only After translating, click on the “show original” button at the dbaru of this page to restore page to English.


Dabru Emet certainly demonstrated the unequivocal repudiation of such negative attitudes towards Jewish-Christian dialogue by the widest cross section of Jewish religious and academic leadership.

Dabru Emet: Its Significance for the Jewish-Christian Dialogue

What is God saying to us in this regard and how may we benefit from one another — indeed becoming a blessing to one another in the deepest sense possible? In order to be so, we must first be a blessing to one another”. It is a great gift to have as we Christians and Jews move together into what is, after all, the third millennium of our too-often troubled history. We applaud those Christians who reject this teaching of contempt, and we do not blame them for the sins committed by their ancestors.

In other words, the basic criterion for determining whether we worship God or not, is our religio-ethical conduct. This inclination toward theological reciprocity is fraught with danger. Susannah Heschel Dartmouth College Dr.

Dabru Emet: A Jewish Statement on Christians and Christianity

Jews and Christians worship the same God. Yet they carried the day and, in retrospect, eet be said to have been truly prophetic in its most profound sense. It will not change traditional Jewish forms of worship, nor increase intermarriage between Jews and non-Jews, nor persuade more Jews to convert to Christianity, nor create a false blending of Judaism and Christianity.

David Blumenthal Emory University Dr. However, Emden goes far further in describing Christianity in the language of the Mishnah in Pirkei Avot as ” knessiah leshem shamayim “, i. What is significant is the undeniable fact that Dabru Emet was danru even in public addresses and articles by people of no less stature than Cardinals Kasper and Keeler, the Protestant scholar Walter Bruegemann and Archbishop George Carey of Canterbury, not only as a historic document, but as ushering in a new era in Christian-Jewish relations.


This shared moral emphasis can be the basis of an improved relationship between our two communities.

An dabruu critique of this position was provided already in an article in by the late Orthodox Jewish scholar Professor Zvi Yaron. He asked that it be shared with the drafters of Dabru Emet. Rabbi Shlomo MinHahar of Provence, for example, considered certain of the theological principles of Maimonides to be heretical. Emt then the excitement with which Dabru Emet was received, reflected the fact that there is now a genuine search for answers to these questions within both communities.

An improved relationship between Jews and Christians will not weaken or threaten Jewish practice. Jews and Christians accept the moral principles of Torah.

Some of us were very much surprised by how strong the positive reaction was. Jews know and serve God through Torah and the Jewish tradition. Indeed, the statement was criticized sabru certain Jewish quarters precisely on both these grounds.

Jews and Christians, each in their own way, recognize the unredeemed state of the world as reflected in the persistence of persecution, poverty, and human degradation and misery.

Dabru Emet

Its Significance for the Jewish-Christian Dialogue. Dabru Emet will surely and quite rightly be the first item on the agenda of many a dialogue in the years ahead.

Such differences must always be respected. Consider transferring direct quotations to Wikiquote.

We do not see it as an extension of Judaism. And additionally get news about Jewish-Christian relations worldwide? Four drafters were chosen, and a work that was to consume many minds for many months began.