: The Sea of Faith (): Don Cupitt: Books. Don Cupitt has his own website which explains many of his central ideas. The Sea of Faith churches also have a website worth exploring. Links to both can be. Don Cupitt’s Sea of Faith, first published by the BBC in association with the eponymous TV series, is now ten years old and has recently been repub lished by.

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Cupitt thinks moral laws are necessary and, to a certain extent, will take care of themselves. Books by Don Cupitt.

Religion should offer us a solution to death, or, to use the old Christian terminology, it should offer us salvation. He offers a form of religion for the postmodern age.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Cupitt believes that this misunderstanding occurs whenever we interpret religious language in ‘ realist ‘ terms.

Annual national conferences have been a key event of the network ever since.

Don Cupitt (Author of The Sea of Faith)

After short periods as a curate in the North of England, and as Vice-Principal of Westcott House, Fith was elected to a fellowship and appointed Dean at Emmanuel College late in He then went to Westcott House Cambridge to train as a priest and was ordained deacon inbecoming a priest in He was much too far ahead of his time, and suffered accordingly.


As stated above, Cupitt rejects the traditional Christian view of Jesus in favour of what he believes to be a more authentic reading.

Stage 5 The Turn to Be-ing life involves creativity, religion can help nurture that creative becoming. The Sea of Faith. If it is not any different then why call it religion? Jesus used the term in a non-realist sense because it fitted son the thought patterns of the age and was therefore the best way to get the message across.

This page was last edited on 5 Novemberat A person might find a different way of finding meaning in the world entirely independent of the language and structures of Christianity.

Cupitt believes that we construct God and religion ddon language. Words also shape the faaith that we think. Furthermore, traditional adherents to Christianity would doubtless object to this revision of God, afterlife, prayer and salvation.

That Religious Studies Website. There is an active network of local groups who meet regularly for discussion and exploration. Cupitt argues that language is ‘ world-building ‘. Gladstone’s Library website is here: Each day has enough trouble of its own. He believed that a realist interpretation of Christianity would condemn it to die out.

Odyssey on the Sea of Faith: He survived, partly because the then Archbishop of Canterbury and the then Master of Emmanuel defended his right to put forward his views. Cupitt says we should understand theological language in this non-realist xupitt.

Don Cupitt Quotes (Author of The Sea of Faith)

Whilst many Christians think that rejecting these doctrines undermines Christianity, Cupitt believes that it can actually revitalise it. In his introduction to his book ‘ After God ‘ Cupitt described that challenges to religion that came from a changing world.


Din is solar ethics actually any different to just having a zest for life?

To this extent Cupitt has parallels with Feuerbach. Life has no intrinsic purpose, but we give it meaning when we find our own values which excite us and enable us to celebrate the moment so that we can ‘lead the best possible life that one could hope to live’. Finallyis religion really just about spirituality? Fiath 9 January In a market people aea the exchange rate of goods and they cooperate for the good of all.

For the television series, see Sea of Faith TV series. He goes on to describe the ways that religions sfa have tried to respond to this challenge by focusing on the ethical message of religion, by relegating religion to the private realm or by fighting back as fundamentalism does and rejecting the spirit of the age.

Sea of Faith

Are you not much more valuable than they? We must avoid all attempts to deny or escape the limits of life — traditionally time, chance and death. What religion does offer is an ethic.