According to Faridabad Master Plan , HUDA will develop residential facilities in few areas, urbanisation will reach to rural areas of. ( Votes). Master Plan for Faridabad | Greater Faridabad. Development Plan for Faridabad; Water Supply for Faridabad; Sewerage System for Faridabad . Download Faridabad Master Plan Map and government notification. Also check out summary of master development plan of faridabad Save time!.

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This Plan had proposals for urbanization from Delhi border in the North, up to Foothills of Aravalli ranges in the West, fridabad Gurugram-Agra Canal in the East and up to the revenue estate of village Jharsently in the South. The monuments, heritage sites, special areas of aesthetic, sentimental or historic value which require protection shall be protected.

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A total area of hectares has been proposed for public utility purposes. Faridabad has lagged masster in these sectors and is now gearing up to catch up with Gurgaon and Noida. Every residential sector would be developed to sector density indicated in the drawing with 20 percent variation on either side and, in addition to it, the density as prescribed in the New Integrated Licensing Policy, Affordable Group Housing policy and Transit Oriented Development Policy.

Also, some area which has already been acquired by HSIIDC, in the metre open space zone along eastern peripheral road of Final Development Plan Faridabad-Ballabgarh, has been earmarked faridabbad area under mixed land use for rehabilitation and re-settlement policy.

Faridabad Master Plan 2031 Report, Faridabad Master Plan Map & Details

However, the land use of industrial plots, already allotted by any government agency in this area, shall be retained faridaad shall only be changed with prior permission of competent authority. Apart from this, over hectares have been proposed for public utility purposes which include a site for sewage disposal in the east Agra Canal.

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These roads are the sector dividing roads, which have been shown as V-2 on the present Plan. Faridabad enjoys a prime location both geographically and politically. In addition to the already proposed 75 metre wide eastern peripheral road in the Final Development Plan A. This is presently being implemented by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation.

Check out the Summary of Faridabad master plan below.

Faridabad Master Plan – Map, Summary & Free Download!

A width of 60 metre to metre, around the village abadies falling in the proposed urbanizable zone has been reserved in the Master Plan for the future development of this area which shall be regulated as per the 20311 framed by the Government from time to time. To stay faridabsd with real estate updates Daily Weekly. Similarly, the sites of sewage disposal have been proposed in the area of east Agra Canal.

The Government decision regarding increase in the sector density has been incorporated in the plan with the following provisions: In addition to the already proposed Railway Over Bridges, over the level crossing on Mewla-Maharajpur and Sarai Khawaja-Suraj Kund Road, one Railway over bridge has plaj proposed on the crossing of 75 metre wide eastern peripheral road with the Delhi-Mathura Railway line near village Malerna.

Faridabad is the largest city in the north Indian state of Haryana, in Faridabad district.

In addition, sectorand have been proposed as city centre. As per the above figures it is clear that there is a descending trend of population faridqbad Faridabad for the last 20 years.

This sub-region is being developed as a sustainable city which have wide roads, tall buildings and entertainment zone with enough employment opportunities in industrial areas of Sector In the faridabad master planall existing public utility sites have been accommodated.

One Transport Nagar has already been planned in sector As described above, the circulation system of the town shall have Gridiron System. The additional area for infrastructure will be provided in the already planned residential sectors to meet the requirement of the population.


All the villages of the district are connected by metalled roads and have electricity since Become a Smart Real Estate Investor!

The Colleges and Hospitals have been proposed considering the projected population of There is a tendency of converting existing residential areas into commercial areas along the major roads. The land use of sectors 27A, 27B, 27C and mastef and the existing industrial belt along Delhi-Mathura Road NH upto a depth of metre in sector 32, 35 and 36, after leaving 50 metres wide restricted belt along NH, has been converted into commercial land use.

To share your opinions and suggestions, please faridabax the comments section at the end. This includes those areas where residential facilities are poor or not adequate. The Metro rail has also been proposed along Delhi-Mathura road, up to Ballabgarh. Since there is a tendency of converting existing residential areas into commercial areas along major roads, the present plan proposes commercial land use along major roads in a linear pattern along the sector roads between various sectors to curb the tendency to convert residential areas into commercial use.

For proper linkages of urbanizable proposals on eastern and western side of the Railway line, it is necessary to have Railway Bridges. The present bridges on Agra Canal are very old and weak which were designed to carry the rural traffic.

Under this use, an area of hectares has been proposed in linear pattern along major roads.