It is pleasure and honorable act for me to write this internship report on Faysal Bank Limited Gala Mandi Hoornaabad branch. I am pleased to. Faysal bank (Distribution Branch) Internship Report Submitted To: Human Resource Department Submitted By: Fahad Khalid. About Faysal Bank Limited: Faysal Bank Limited was incorporated in Pakistan on October 3rd, INVESTMENTCERTIFICATE: Barkat Investment.

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If the customer is elevate and use thumb impression use lead of signature. Approximately over identified losses making branches were closed or merged during the last two to three years.

FBLs footprint now spreads over more than branches in over 70 cities, with combined business assets of over PKR billion, further strengthening its balance sheet and placing it amongst the top ten banks in Pakistan.

To overcome the disadvantage of the Western Union, FBL provide the facility of the bank to transfer the money.

If book value is less than market price per share its mean it is overprice share bur if book value is bak than market value per share than it is under price. We are recognized by our reliability, credibility and character.

Faysal Bank Internship Report Omer – [PDF Document]

The main advantage of the Western Union is that account is not necessary of the person who is going to receive money. After the completion of my over all analysis and the studies of the Faysal abnk Ltd and the banking system, I come to the conclusion: Most of the hiring is on contract basis. Asset Interest Yield gives us information about the average interest earned per Rupee of asset deployed bsnk the bank.


For the first time in the history of Pakistan, these multifarious products, mostly in the shape of saving scheme, have both local and foreign, have since followed in FBL.

Faysal Bank Internship Report Omer

Pakistans economy has observer the most complicated era after posting six successive years of healthy financial development. The location and lay out of the Faysal bank is up to the mark, but it needs more new technology to complete with its competitor like Faysal bank. On maintaining a monthly average balance of Rs. AS their deposit rates are high people are attracting towards this bank. Features Account can be opened with an initial deposit of Rs. Faysal Bank has earned immaculate reputation in the field of Capital Markets, which is quite evident from our track record and market share in this area Investment Banking With the ever-changing business environment in Pakistan, companies need expert partners with a keen understanding of business to help achieve profit objectives.

Now you can enjoy our consistent and quality service from 9 a. If any person makes contract with the Govt. Innovation We pioneer novel and more efficient ways to deliver solutions.

Receiving cash from the customers. I would like to thank Sir Farrukh Naveed for giving us the opportunity for doing this internship. Bak access intsrnship cheque book and Pocketmate Visa Debit card. The signature of the licensee shall be verified from the specimen signature card or from the specimen signature card or from the computer system. Mahfoz Sarmaya Faysal Bank endeavors to build and strengthen customer relationships by providing innovative banking products and services.


If the cheque is post dated i. First cheque book is provided free on investment of Rs.

Bill and Remittance Dept: Fysal higher the ratio, the better the position of company. Two or more than two person can also operate the locker. A banks ability at managing interest rates is revealed by looking at the Net Interest Margin. It also compare with market price per share. The Bank has 37 conveniently maintained relationships with major banks in the international financial market and continues to develop new ones wherever needed.

It is a number which shows how much of assets the bank afysal created for every one rupee of equity. All the branches of Faysal Bank are equipped to speedily attend incoming financing requests from SMEs. A examine of the outside macro environment in which the firm operate internshup able to expressed in the subsequent factors; 1.

The employees of Faysal Bank are Dissatisfiedcurrencies and provide dynamic corporate and institutional marketing teams with up-to-date market information. Although internshjp political situation is liable to remain unstable for a while we suppose law and order situation is the most significant medium of its power on the economic activity.