The Golden Legend has ratings and 15 reviews. Alex said: The Penguin translation is BAD. No footnotes, they omitted some very important saints in lie. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only once a year. Compiled by Jacobus de Voragine, Archbishop of Genoa, First Edition Published Theoteinus, a learned man, wrote her legend. And he said to the priests of the idols that the gold and silver that was set about the idols had.

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Reproduced in Medieval Sourcebook, Fordham University: Then let us pray unto Almighty God, that by the merits of S. And in that time were in England six kings, and before that, Oswald had been king of all England. Thomas, he might be blind again to the world as he was before, and anon he had his desire, and lived after full holily to his life’s end.

The Golden Legend vodagine Jacobus de Voragine. From to it was also the most often printed book in Europe. Bartholomew, 24 August Thomas to pray for his health, and anon he had his desire and was all whole.

Theodore,66 The Life of S. That is to say he was cold and refrigate from all concupiscence of the flesh, full of boughs among the trees of heaven. And anon the hound left and voraginee not his body, but he all torent and tare his gown in such wise that he was almost naked.

Dionysius, in an epistle to Timothy, saith ot the death of Paul thus: To make the text as useful as possible to readers, the Golden Legend is available at this site in multiple forms: Peter had said to him, and bound his mouth with the thread, and sealed it, and after returned, and as he came upward again he met with two enchanters which followed him for to see if he descended, which were almost dead of the stench of the dragon, whom he brought with him whole and sound, which anon were baptized, with a great multitude of people with them.

The Golden Legend

Silvester, 88 The Life of S. When this woman, which was but sixteen years vorgaine, had said this and other good things and words, she put more goragine, and said: Then let us pray to this holy saint Theodora, to pray Almighty God for us. On a time as she returned from the city, and in a certain place was harboured, a wench came to her in the night, saying: Peter the apostle among all other, and above all other, was of most fervent and burning love, for he would have known the traitor that should betray our Lord Jesu Christ, as S.


Thomas loved much in his days, and he fell in a grievous sickness, wherefore he went to the tomb of S. Here beginneth the Life of S. There was Pandulphus, a legate of our holy father the pope, and two archbishops of France, of Rheims and Arles, with many other bishops and abbots, and also king Harry the Third with earls and barons, which king himself took the chest upon his shoulders, and with the other prelates and lords, brought it with great joy and honour in to the place where it is now worshipped, and was laid in a fair and much rich shrine.

Victor was therein he made his prayers unto our Lord, goldn he was therein three days whole without grieving of any fire or elgend or fume and without any damage, and on the third day he was found whole and sound.

And she opening the book found written: Thomas the Apostle, 62 The Life of S. And when Nero heard that he put them in prison, for strongly to torment them, whom he much had loved.

Chrysanthus and Daria, In that hour full of heaviness, my wellbeloved brother, the butcher, saying: Let us go and see our doctors, and ask we them how us behoveth to rule the churches to us committed, and shall interpret and expound to us the sayings of our Lord Jesu Christ and of the prophets. Here, witnesses to the true faith endure horrific tortures; reformed prostitutes win divine forgiveness; while goldsn women live disguised as monks or nobly resist lustful tyrants.

Other than the hyperbole inherent in this genre, this work can be inspiring. Linus saith, he would dispute with S. He nothing knew her, and when he had long abided he held him deceived.


The golden legend : lives of the saints

Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors, as well as up-to-date translations by award-winning translators.

Initially entitled Legenda sanctorum Readings of the Saintsit gained its popularity under the title by which it is best known. That same time Attila destroyed Italy. Then the patriarch answered: Paul, and commendeth this glorious apostle much, saying: And then the bishop with a great multitude of christian men took that head with great reverence, and set it in a tablet of gold, and put it to the body for to join it thereto. Urban, 85 The Life of S.

Golden Legend – Wikipedia

From the Temple Classics Edited by F. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Golden Legend.

After that the duke commanded that S. The fifth was contemplation delicious, for rest of thought is required in contemplation, for he was ravished unto the third heaven.

To blind men was given their sight, to deaf men their hearing, to dumb men their speech, and to dead men was restored life. Thomas Aquinas, 74 The Life of S. Valentine, 20 The Life of S.

Aldegonde, The Life of S. Lucy, 59 The Life of S.

The Golden Legend by Jacobus de Voragine

Our lord Julian hath sent me goldden you, that ye should honour the image of Jove, which we to you, or else ye must die. Readings on the Saints”. And on a time there came a woman over the bridge with her lap full of eggs, and a reckless fellow struggled and wrestled with her, and brake all her eggs.

Martin [of Tours], 66 The Life of S. When Gallican the duke had taken his sword he led him through all his enemies to the king, whom he slew, and all the host was so afeard that they yielded them all to him, whom then he subdued and made them subjects and tributaries to Rome. From his wound sprang out milk into the clothes of the knight, and afterward flowed out blood.