Music since Grisey: Quatre chants pour franchir le seuil. Forty years of modern composition and what this music means to me. Index here. The premiere of French composer Gérard Grisey’s Quatre Chants pour Franchir le Seuil – Four Songs for Crossing the Threshold – was. Documents Similar To Grisey – Quatre chants pour franchir le Rihm – Jagden and Formen. Uploaded by. alex_ Matthias Pintscher – Sonic Eclipse I .

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He studied composition in Salzburg and Basel, then worked in the travel industry for two years. He lives with his husband in Berlin. We griset weekly courses devoted to contemporary repertoire, and they often left me cold. In pieces of Boulez, Stockhausen, and other post-war titans, I would find myself playing a game of trying to follow along with the incredibly complex scores as a way to pass the time. It was music of gripping beauty and, essentially, emotional immediacy.

In this playlist, I wrote about some of my favorite works.

Two composers familiar with his music, Joshua Fineberg and Arash Yazdani, contributed selections as well. One day a few years ago, I woke up at 6 a.

Architectural Rigor and Intricate Brutality

But I had chosen the wrong day, a Wednesday, and anyway, I would have been much too late to get a walk-in appointment. Sometimes it takes a moment of alienation, vulnerability, or loneliness to enter inside a piece of music.

The fifth movement, Transitoires, was particularly indelible. I remember the swaying of horns, the intricacies of the harmonic moments, a potent discomfort at my stoned inability to fully grasp them as they passed me by. Can I find that music again? Whenever I listen to the piece griesy it sounds so different. There are many layers of construction and architecture in this Grisey work. This piece has a direct sentiment at the heart of it. His apparently warm temperament never interfered with the intellectual rigor of his work, but I think you can feel it anyway—a certain lack of Boulezian austerity.


Music since Grisey: Quatre chants pour franchir le seuil – The Rambler

These musics are patterned tapestries, rich to the ear both from afar and up close. I believe that right up until the end of his life this conviction had not changed.

I do not think he ever believed that composers should not be nourished by extra-musical ideas from unrelated fields. Rather, he thought that in the end, whatever ideas helped get you there, what matters, what music ultimately is about, is the transformation of sound and its effect on a listener. Whatever extra-musical ideas might have led you to create your sonic objects, they in no way validate them. Nor is it a mathematical proof griisey a concept that chwnts be heard.

His approach and his music remain the single most visionary and important body of work from the late 20th century. There is a physicality and an architectural power in his music that remains completely overwhelming.

In this piece, Grisey changes the tuning of just four notes on the piano, but they are enough to morph the sound world completely, infusing faded equal temperament harmonies with vivid color.

They give the line something discursive and archaic, like a shaman telling a story by a fire. It shows care and thoughtfulness, and an inventiveness worthy of the songs of Schubert.


I felt an uneasy sensation of some pulsating energy; some kind of interference of barely audible and extremely high frequencies. Were the sounds coming from the concert hall? Or were they incidental noise from the sound system? It was only after the first musician randomly and unceremoniously which later turned out to hcants been quite dramatically entered and started playing that I realized the piece had quqtre started long before any notes were played.

Other musicians enter one by one, at long intervals, and the ensemble is completed after the conductor comes on stage.

griseh It puts you on edge before it starts and after it finishes. In this movement, Gilgamesh has just survived the Flood. Accompanying the voice are wave-like lines that alternate and crest. The two were close, like Proust and his grandmother, and he would attempt to notate the sounds of her songs on his accordion. Ggrisey to keep reading You’ve read both of your free articles for this month. If you already have a subscription, click here to log in.

Grisey Quatre chants pour franchir le seuil

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