The end of one passage spoke about the Sarmoung Brotherhood. This brotherhood existed in the town of. Evidence is emerging that suggests the tentacles of the brotherhood reach Sarman or Sarmoun Society, which, according to Gurdjieff, met in Babylon as far . The Brotherhood was also sought by Georges Gurdjieff on his journeys (pre- ) through Southwest and Central Asia.

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The accidental discovery of America by Columbus in search for India demonstrates this deep fascination, the Silk Road became the main East-West trading route in the Asian hitherland while the Straits of Malacca stood as a major sea route.

It is the word for bee, which has always been a symbol of those who collect the precious ‘honey’ of traditional wisdom and preserve it for further generations.

One of the Nimrud ivories shows a lion eating a man. Various western historical writers have used the term dervish rather loosely, linking it to, among other things. This word is the name of a famous esoteric school which, according to tradition, was founded in Babylon as far back as BC, and which was known to have existed somewhere in Mesopotamia up to the sixth or seventh century AD; but about its further existence one could not obtain anywhere the least information.

Detail from an Attic black-figure hydriaca. This brotherhood existed in the town of Siranoush, had moved to Izrumin, three days journey from Nivssi.

He had a great respect for the Sufis and it would seem likely that he may have been initiated into several of their orders. Nobel-prize winner Doris Lessing was profoundly influenced by Shah. Those sarmkung were ‘remarkable men’ have been described in the Meetings.

It is commonly believed that one of the strong influences on Yezidism is Zoroastrianism, which has as its basic message the concepts of good and evil.

Gurdjieff intuited that ancient civilizations knew the meaning of existence.

An important factor in maintaining Greek identity was contact with barbarian peoples and this led to a strong desire among Greeks to organize the transmission of the Hellenic paideia to the next generation. To find the truth saarmoung life on earth and ourselves we need to take another ‘trip’ directed inwards to find the undiscovered country, the America, in that direction.

Bennett writes about this in his book ‘Gurdjieff Making a New World’. This makes Egypt a transcontinental country, with the Sinai peninsula in Asia, the border between Asia and Europe was historically defined by European academics.


Gurdjieff and the Sarmoung Brotherhood by Robert Bruce Baird (Paperback) – Lulu

Despite the eventual recovery of Constantinople in gurdjiff, the Byzantine Empire remained only one of several small states in the area for the final two centuries of its existence. Ouspensky did not manage to get more information from Gurdjieff about his search than already stated.

Did they teach the system that was put together when they foregathered? The word sar means head, both literally and in the sense of principal or chief.

Sarmoung Brotherhood

The texts turned out to be letters written by a monk to another monk. Special dance – sacred – very few can do. Nineveh — Nineveh was an ancient Assyrian city of Upper Mesopotamia, located on the outskirts of Mosul in modern-day northern Iraq. When a clear and valid Notice is received pursuant to the guidelines, we will respond by either taking down the allegedly infringing content or blocking access to it, and we may also contact you for more information.

More on Gurdjieff and Sufi Paths. Vanishkaa boutique Clothing Brand. The word liturgy is from the Greek word leitourgiaand the most common translation is “the work of the people.

If the source of it is Sufism or Kabbalah then the symbol is no more than maximum yers old, but clearly Gurdjieff would like us to believe that it is older than that. Isolated pockets of Christianity survived only in India, Nestorius took his Antiochene leanings with him when he was appointed Patriarch of Constantinople by Byzantine emperor Theodosius II in Gurdjieff’s claim to have found and entered ‘the chief Sarmoung Monastery’ is, in effect, a litmus test, distinguishing literal minds from those preferring allegory.

What struck us most was the word “Sarmoung”, which we had come across several times in the book called “Merkhavat”. With the exceptions of Iran and the former Soviet states, the present-day Armenian diaspora was formed mainly as a result of the Armenian Genocide, most Armenians adhere to the Armenian Apostolic Church, a non-Chalcedonian church, which is also the worlds oldest national church.

We notice you are using a browser version that we do not support. This word is the name of a famous esoteric school which, according to tradition, was founded in Babylon as far back as BC, and which was known to have existed somewhere in Mesopotamia up to the sixth or seventh century AD; but about its further existence one could not obtain anywhere the least information.


The account hints that the central Asian activities of the Sarmoun are to be shut down and the organisation shifted to the west, and mentions an absent chief of the order, the Surkaur, who lives in a place called Aubshaur or “waterfall” Another account of a visit to a remote monastery, published anonymously in the Times, links the Sarkar to Idries Shah [10]. Their organisation actually did exist near the town of Siranoush, and fifty years ago, soon after the migration of peoples, they also migrated and settled in the valley of Izrumin, three days journey from Nivssi There was earlier a very short presentation of the liturgical customs which said: He also concludes that the Sarmoung Brotherhood was established by a group of people called the Aisors, the Assyrian descendants living in the Caucasus.

What is the Egypt that existed much earlier than the one we know?

Alexander the Greatwhose conquests led to the Hellenistic Age. To study the old Armenian books further they headed to Ani, the ancient Armenian capital. An article by Jim Gomez is available here.

Some contemporary Sufi-related sources also claim to have made contact with the group although the earliest and primary source is Gurdjieff himself, leading some scholars to conclude the group was merely a fictional teaching device. The most significant is that is rests upon the conviction that there really is a universal, hidden, moreover, Hanegraaff noted that when scholars adopt this definition, it shows that they subscribe to the religious doctrines which are espoused by the very groups that they are studying.

According to the Foundation, Pythagoras stayed for twelve years in Babylon. This battle opened the way for the Turks to settle in Anatolia, the Empire recovered again during the Komnenian restoration, such that by the 12th century Constantinople was the largest and wealthiest European city. The Ouspensky Foundation state that the brotherhood was active in the golden Babylonian time of Hammurabi BC and is connected with Zoroasterthe teacher of Pythagoras born c.

The Essenes are again mentioned by Gurdjieff: No such distinction existed in the Islamic and Slavic worlds, where the Empire was more seen as the continuation of the Roman Empire.