May 14, This Pin was discovered by J-to-the-F. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Expanded Armory by GimmeYerGold. Written by GimmeYerGold from Ye Olde Inn: I’ve been working on this for a bit, with some helpful pointers. The American version are the newer version of HeroQuest. Armory The European version of HeroQuest contained cards for each type of equipment you could.

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All of the following files might need emulators to run. That has obvious implications for heroqurst HeroQuest weapons, since they lose their diagonal advantage. Well, you could just use it as a guide to make new weapons, easy enough to figure out the price differences between weapons that do different things. I just went by a mixture of Warhammer Quest and Heroquest’s arory on weapons. I guess it’s a good thing I’ve got 5 years until they are old enough to give the game a go. Love the cloak from the chainmail!

The European rules are the old version of HeroQuest.

It contains all cards in all expansions, easily printable, plus you can create new cards with this program. Expansion – Wizards of Morcar 3. Armory The European version of HeroQuest contained cards for each type of equipment you could buy, the american version contained this instead. If so, I could see that as a simple option. The Board A bit difficult to play without a board, even if I think all of you who visit this page have it already.

You can download this package if you want them in a separate JPEG. No longer can heroes just stick a barbarian in plate mail standing in a doorway with longsword weilding elf and dwarf beside him and a healing wizard behind him. That whole site is pretty impressive Phoniex.


Small Weapon would be a rerollonce per quest. You buy a second identical equipment piece, discard it and a gem, and then you may count 1 black die in the total roll as a hit? To reduce the bandwidth on my server, it is better if you download this one if you plan to download it all.

This means that you can both use these to replace your old if you have the plastic topand you can also use these to create entirely new ones. Trent’s Card Creator http: I reccomend that you grab Game Master instead thou.

This heroquesh helped me to replace my old parts and spice up the game. Add to watch list Add to wish list.

So how does improves attack and defense work exactly? Expansion – Advanced Quest – Dark Company 3.

Some of the proficiencies are to encourage purchasing certain items, while others are for possible custom hero variations; bare-handed fighting, for instance, and for the shield proficiency, I borrowed Seb’s knight character skill Most of this is really to offer the heroes more things to blow their gold on, and to also give them a sense of advancement without making things too complicated. Character Sheet A large scan of the original character sheet. It should read, the halberd can attack diagonal, or creatures up to two spaces away adjacent to you.

I meanwhile am trying to iron out the ever-changing rules for the shuriken weapons. I feel like HQ weapons should be done like this.

I had made up some weapons, way back in the past.

Ye Olde Inn

You know get all the mini’s painted up, redo any rules, make a bigger map. Check the American Rulebook description to see the differences. I can post an empty Armory Jpeg without wording if anyone’s interested in it so you can make your own rules for the weapons. While these and other intances aren’t automatically gamebreaking, they offer the potential for heroquesr.


HeroQuest :: Game System :: North America (Canada, United States of America) :: Ye Olde Inn

Advertisements by Advertisement Management. Cloak proficiency I would scrap, probably. There is only one version of the Against the Ogre Horde book, so no worry about what to print or not. That allows a spell caster to convert all of his spells to scrolls, which would mean scrolls uncast after a Quest could always be conserved for future Quests.

Do not ask me about how to use this software. See full item description.

Ye Olde Inn • View topic – Armory Additions: Equipment Upgrades & Proficiencies

Useful if you wish to create your own Monster Card. I wasn’t able to get any weapon’s to look right in Photoshop next to the original’s so I just decided to start mutilating the original’s to get what I wanted.

Hello all, I’ve been lurking for about a month, finally finished something that may be worth posting. Air Spells 3 Cards in total. Skip to main content. Which daring Hero will you be? Fire Spells 3 Cards in total. For that reason I’d say make Jewels a consumed cost that must be repaid each time for a scroll. That’s largely because it’s played on a hex grid instead of a square grid, but there is a specific design reason as well.

Two of these contained single level, solo quests.