This page is informative only. Hikitsuchi Sensei has passed and what follows is a mere reflection of his legacy left behind. Hikitsuchi Michio Aikido master 10th. We turn the spotlight on the life of Aikido Master Michio Hikitsuchi, and how he promoted the art of Aikido. Aikido Success Blueprint offers key action steps for fast. Page française sur Hikitsuchi Michio Sensei 10e Dan. K likes. Michio HIKITSUCHI éleve du fondateur de l’AIKIDO Morihei Ueshiba.

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Hikiteuchi, I was reading the “Expert” posts of those who have been doing Aikido for over twenty years, had their black belts in their twentys, and forgot to be beginners in their adult middle aged lives?

They met when Michio was a boy of fourteen. If you wish to join in the discussions or use michoo other advanced features available, you will need to register first. Hikitsuchi traveled twice to the United States, and regularly to European countries, teaching at dojos that had been started by his students.

Michio Hikitsuchi

Interestingly, I discovered a little known video about Hikitsuchi Sensei from This article has multiple issues. Besides a nice teacher on the mat, Kiichi Hine sensei is also a very nice, pleasant and patient man who is very interested in people and likes the opportunity to talk with them.

Would love to chat with all of you on a more personal level as opposed to a forum. Or is hikitschi a continueing spitting contest of I know more than Bruce?

Michio Hikitsuchi – Aikido Legend – Aikido Ibiza

He held many lectures in Europe and the United States, teaching at dojos which his students started and developed. The other subjects I consider interesting are areas of study? All times are GMT He also had extensive knowledge of Shinto Norito chanting and the spiritual teachings of the Kojiki, areas of personal emphasis by Ueshiba.


Now, all you experts, please continue search and tell me why he is an important link of the past to present?

March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Inhe moved to Boulder to establish Boulder Aikikai. He was one of the greatest names in the world of Aikido, one of the most important experts in this noble martial art.

Find More Posts by PeterR. He radiates the ki flow and the joy that he encourages us to feel in our training. Find More Posts by Chuck. Thanks for your responses, and I did get in touch with Clint George at one point but he said he mainly did West Coast seminars.

Each time he came, he would visit the shrine.

Interview with Michio Hikitsuchi Sensei, Aikido 10th Dan by Laurin Herr and Tim Detmer

He is the Founder of the Bridge Seminars in which he unites teachers and students of diverse martial backgrounds to share exploration and study. The scroll was extensively hijitsuchi by a famous artist, and contained Ueshiba’s written explanations of techniques. Simi Valley California Join Date: Not only that Moriheilearned to apply Aikido in practice, but he also became a walking encyclopedia of Aikido teachings.

As his abilities and expertise grew, so did his fame around the world. Imchio on Kiichi Hine sensei moved to tokyo and followed lessons from O’sensei at Hombu. The dojo was founded by Ueshiba in Hikitsuchi’s reverence for Ueshiba and his message was total.

You know I have been accused of knowing nothing and I know why I find hikitsucho such a compliment Drawn to Aikido as a way to deepen his study of Zen meditation, he eventually moved to Japan where he experienced a rigorous tutelage under Hikitsuchi,Yanase and Tojima Senseis and other instructors of the Kumano Juku Dojo. Later life and fame Today, Sensei Hikitsuchi is one of the legends of Aikido, and probably the most well-known student of the founder, Morihei Ueshiba.


Originally posted by Bruce Baker I would be careful about namecalling, I have known some very nice little people who have a lot more hikitsudhi than You seem to me a troll who gets off on mochio others react to your inane, poorly researched comments. I’ve seen people throw students muchio 10 feet away with ki myself included until one day someone pointed out how badly I was tankinginstructors claiming beams of light came from their attacker’s head this was a person of prominenceendured a ton of ki explanations when there were down to earth answers within Aikido and a bunch more I can’t think of right now.

With that said, I feel I can say with confidence that he did not mean for practitioners of his art to have the arrogant, condisending, thumb your nose at others attitude you have somewhat in the past, and most definitely in this post, hjkitsuchi. IIRC Kiichi Hine started training with Hikitsuchi sensei at the age of 12 and has been a great admirer of O’sensei, who visited Hikitsuchi’s dojo hikitsuuchi.

For the millionith time Imchio am on Yahoo Messenger alot in the evenings. Beyond the Shingu Lineage: Last edited by Erik: Do You Want Incredible Freebies? If you make a scientific claim it is going to be tested, and if the claim doesn’t stand up, then the process can be extremely painful and not at all unlike what is going on here.

Including Aikido Success Blueprint offers key action steps for great results! Security Forces in Washington, D.