IRIG Standard was last updated in September and added year information for the IRIG timecodes. This edition of the standard corrects minor. IRIG STANDARD TELECOMMUNICATIONS. AND TIMING GROUP. IRIG SERIAL TIME CODE FORMATS. WHITE SANDS MISSILE RANGE. The IRIG standard , define IRIG serial time code formats. The characteristics of six serial time codes presently used are defined:A, B, D.

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The name of an IRIG code format consists of a single letter 20-098 3 subsequent digits. The recognized signal identification numbers for each format according to the standard consist of:. The main difference between codes is their rate, which varies between one pulse per minute and 10, pulses per second. The frame encodes standaed time of the leading edge of the frame marker bit.

No parity or check bits are included. Each letter or digit reflects an attribute of the corresponding IRIG code. Binary-coded decimal day of year, hours, minutes, and for some formats seconds and fractions are always included. For example, the signal designated as B is deciphered as follows: Error detection can be achieved by comparing consecutive frames to see if they encode consecutive timestamps. IRIG Document was the original standard accepted in Fiber Optic Communications Systems.


Generally, groups of 4 bits are used to encode BCD digits.

IRIG timecode – Wikipedia

Inter-range instrumentation group time codescommonly known as IRIG time codesare standard formats for transferring standaed information. IRIG Standard added year information to format.

Serial formatted time codes are used to efficiently interface the timing system output with the user system. IRIG J-2 time code consists of 17 characters bit timessent 10 times per second at a baud rate of or greater:.

The different timecodes defined in the Standard have alphabetic designations. Modern day electronic systems such as communication systems, data irjg systems, and missile and spacecraft tracking systems require time-of-day and year information for correlation of data with time. Obviously those formats with bit frames omit the straight binary seconds fields, and digits representing divisions less than one frame time everything below hours, in the case of IRIG D are always transmitted as 0.

IRIG Time Code Formats

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. What does IRIG stand for? Retrieved from ” https: IRIG J-1 time code consists of 15 characters bit timessent once per second at a baud rate of or greater:. What is the latest IRIG specification? Standardization of time codes is necessary to ensure system compatibility among the various ranges, ground tracking networks, spacecraft and missile projects, data reduction facilities, sandard international cooperative projects.



IRIG Standard added year information to format. The information and links provided by IRIG. All information provided by this site is for informational purposes only.

The following table contains standard code formats defined in IRIG standard Not all formats include all fields. At the end of the time code, the serial line is idle until the start of the next code.

The use of the IRIG standard is to provide a standard protocol for serial time codes that are generated for correlation of data with time. Views Read Edit View history. IRIG Document was the original standard accepted in A three-digit suffix specifies the type and frequency of the carrier, and which optional information is included:.