Jan Erik Sigdell | Sept. | Bear & Company | pages | ISBN: | $ Picture. ​OK, so here comes another one. Discusses reincarnation from a Christian aspect. Discusses past-life regression and therapy. Presents publications in the field. Reign of the Anunnaki by Jan Erik Sigdell – Reveals the ongoing alien manipulation of humanity and how we can break free • Explores how the Anunnaki have.

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Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you’ll love. He seems to want to return to the primitive faith of what he sees as the universal creator god El, from the time before the Jews—whom he seems to cast as villains in the story—replaced him with Yahweh, whom he, following Sitchin, believes was a Sumerian space alien who masterminded the Jewish takeover of Canaan.

Unfortunately for Sigdell, questions of pure fact—Are space aliens real and did they visit the Earth? Low to High Price: Pantera, Father of Jesus?

Provide feedback about this page. Native American Discovery of Europe Interview: The Flood was intended to make them revert to an earlier state. Reply Leave a Reply.

Only by studying ancient astronautics, he believes, can the true religion and the saving grace of the real spiritual powers of this world be uncovered. The author expounds at great length on what he sees as the true mission of Jesus, and basically he lays bare what I have for a long time contended about the entire field of ancient astronautics: After all, in Genesis 1: He does actually distinguish between them in the book, when the English, French, and German translations he relies upon make distinctions.


Review of “Reign of the Annunaki” by Jan Erik Sigdell – Jason Colavito

Please explain, without assuming the truth of science, how it is possible for your words to reach me. Get to Know Us.

Eruk eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only. Although sigde,l Anunnaki apparently left us alone, the watchers became a link between them and us. Once any being materializes where we can see it, it becomes subject to physical laws and its essence can be discovered. Who, exactly, is seeking out an emotional truth? Similarly, it seems challenging that he intends to do a deep dive into Babylonian texts without a understanding when and how they differ from their Sumerian counterparts and b having a reading knowledge of the various Mesopotamian languages.

I am a bit surprised that you missed them. Through erii manipulation, they created modern humans from existing earthly life forms to serve them as slaves. The book contains several interesting and some new linguistic analyses of Hebrew Bible texts with relations to texts on the clay tablets which gives alternative and new insight into their meanings.

Jan Erik Sigdell

Since the Anunnaki are obviously multidimensional beings, they can hide in other dimensions, eik invisible to us. Indeed they probably engineered our DNA to limit our perception to three dimensions. Only 6 left in stock – order soon. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Short Stories Free Fiction.

Dr. Jan Erik Sigdell: Ausbildung zum Rückführungsbegleiter

Plane of Ether The Adepts from Venus. This actually means an ethnic cleansing by god!

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But I’d love to see you have a go at it! Scientists, with their limited worldview, deny the existence jam Atlantis and Lemuria but cannot present real evidence against it: Enlil is sometimes friendly to humanity, but can also be severe, choleric, and even cruel.


You can see plenty of reasons, but you choose to ignore them. The author reveals how jaj highest creator sent a messenger called Jesus to expose the Anunnaki and show us a way out of their matrix of control through a spirituality based on love, empathy, and sacred sexuality.

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. We did not know what was going on and did not have full control over ourselves. Sigdlel test his DNA and it turns out to have three strands instead of the normal two strands. Then he leads them to a mysterious slab of something-or-other carved with symbols from ancient Earth digdell. Enter your email below to subscribe to my newsletter, The Skeptical Xenoarchaeologistfor updates on my latest projects, blog posts, and activities.

High to Low Avg. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. So the watchers had children with the daughters of men that jna up to be giants. The logical answer is that this prohibition has to do with something else. What other way of knowing foretold any of those discoveries?

There are more things in the book that could make you angry and challenge your intellect to a brilliant debunking. Must redeem within 90 days. Sign up and get a free eBook!