the latest updates on JNU CBEE & avail the details about Entrance Exam , Eligibility, JNU CBEE MTech Biotechnology Syllabus. What are the best universities for MSc biotechnology under JNU CEEB? 4, Views What is the syllabus for MSC in microbiology in JNU entrance exam? . Answered Oct 8, · Author has answers and k answer views. Syllabus for JNU CBEE is attached, for Biotech/ Agri and Syllabus for M. Tech Biotechnology is in seperate PDF files, available , PM PLS tell me about JNU entrance examimation syllabus for MSC.

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Sc Previous year Question Papers M. Introduction to computer-Electronic data processing, operating system-common software available-Internet applications-Databases and bioinformatics.

What is the syllabus for MSc Biotechnology entrance exam of JNU?

Give paper of geography ma entrance exam Immunological preparations, genetic engineering, fermentation, Biopharmaceutics, Pharmacokinetics-drug absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination- general principles.

Chemical kinetics, rates of reactions and factors affecting rates of reactions. Rate constant, order of reaction, molecularity, activation energy, zero, first and second order kinetics, catalysis and elementary enzyme reactions. Basics of computers-hardware-components of a computer. Elementary basic programming commands and syntax. biitechnology

University of Agricultural Sciences, G. Programme is being offered at 1. Types of biofuels, Biomass characterization and processing, biodiesel, biogas and biohydrogen production, algal biofuels microalgae and macroalgae cultivation, harvesting, processing and value addition.

Elementary basic programming commands and syntax.

What is the syllabus for MSc Biotechnology entrance exam of JNU?

Ecology and Environment – Ecology and its relevance to man; natural resources their management and conservation- Climatic elements as factors of crop growth- impact of changing environment on cropping pattern- change in environment due to agriculture-environmental pollution and associated hazards to crops, animals and biotecunology and solid waste disposal- Pollution prevention and remediation.


There will be questions from Physics, Mathematics, Biology e. Biotechnology are also eligible. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Gajraj says 10 months ago. Conduction, convection and radiation, heat transfer coefficients, steady and unsteady heat conduction, boiling, condensation and evaporation; types of biotechnolpgy exchangers and evaporators.

Sc in genetics from JNU? Agricultural Microbiology – Spontaneous generation theory-Grem theory-Discovery of antibiotics-Types of Microscopes- Principles and equipment of different kinds of sterilisation-staining Techniques-Nutritional types of dntrance curve-Factors influencing bacterial growth-Fermentation: Basics-modem-hub-switch-commands to transfer files- remote login.

Heat and Mass Transfer: Elements of databases- Relational database. Chemical equilibrium, first law, thermochemistry, second law and entropy, free energy, properties of dilute solutions.

JNU CBEE Syllabus 2018

Agricultural Biochemistry – Isomerism, hydrogen bond and hydrophobic interaction in biomolecules; chemistry of biomolecules-carbohydrates, amino acids, proteins, lipids and nucleic. Total marks for Part A will be 60 questions x 1 mark each of 60 marks. Free hormonic oscillators — elastic waves — Electromagnetic waves — interference, diffraction, scattering and polarisation of light — thermal radiation. Tech Biotechnology Participating Universities: Assam Agricultural University, Guwahati 7.

University of Calicut, Kerala 7. Enzymes- classification, nomenclature, kinetics etc. The entrance examination will be conducted in offline mode. Goa University, Goa M. Ideal gases- Ist law of thermodynamics- Kinetic theory of gases- 2nd law of thermodynamics-real gases.

Novel bioreactors, air-lift reactors, membrane bioreactors and fluidized bed reactors. Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, Palampur; 4. Colligative properties of solutions, ionic equilibria in solution, solubility product, common ion effect, hydrolysis of salts, pH, buffer and their applications in chemical analysis, equilibrium constants for homogeneous reactions.

CEEB Previous Year Question Papers | AglaSem Admission

Material and Energy Balances: Elementary Boolean arithmetic- substraction- addition- multiplication. The exam pattern according to the marks and selected course by students for the JNU entrance Test For Cochin University of Science enttance Technology: Classification, mode of action, pharmacological effects, side effects, toxicity and posology of drugs acting on the CNS, ANS, CVS, gastrointestinal system, endocrine system. Kinetics of microbial growth and product formation Monad model- Leudeking-Piret model.


Principles of chemotherapy, chemotherapeutic agents, anticancer drugs, vitamins and minerals. Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune Gibbs-Helmholtz equation, Clausius-Clapeyron equation, free energy change and equilibrium constant, Troutons rule, properties of mixtures: Protection – Diseases of field, vegetable, orchard and plantation crops of India and their control; causes and classification of plant diseases; principles of plant disease control biological control of diseases; Seed health testing, Integrated pest management-concepts and components; host plant resistance-biological control of insect pests; genetic manipulation of insects for their control; pesticides, their formulation, classification and safe use; behavioural methods; use of computer modeling in pest and disease out break; use of semiochemicals in IPM; insect growth regulators; biotechnological approaches in IPM; IPM in major crops, Principles of entrancr management-integrated nematode management in major crops-silkworm types; mulberry silkworm, culturing methods; pests and diseases of mulberry and mulberry silkworm and their management 5.

Graduates from general stream may also be admitted in case seat remain vacant, however, they will have to take extra 20 credit hours as bridge course. Nucleic acids, protein synthesis, Mendalian genetics. Content in this Article.

Elementary Boolean arithmetic — substraction — addition — multiplication. What is the syllabus for attending MSc entrance examination for JNU Jnu combined biotechnology entrance exam previous year question papers? Which are the good books to prepare for this Exam? Principles of chemotherapy, chemotherapeutic agents, mc drugs, vitamins and minerals.

Chemical Technology OR M. Analytical techniques in Biotechnology: Sc Biotechnology entrance exam in JNU?