Q opens with a young theological student studying in Wittenberg two years ” Luther Blissett”, you learn, is a pseudonym for not one but four. Q UK frontcover. Luther Blissett Q romanzo / novela / novel 1a ed. it. 03/ Q is the spy, in the pay of Father Carafa, an ultra conservative figure, rapidly. They all called themselves Luther Blissett and set to raising hell in the cultural The novel Q was written by four Bologna-based members of the LBP as a final.

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The book is not only manichean in its portrayal of good, but misguided revolutionaries and an all-powerful and a malignant Catholic Church represented by Cardinal Gianpietro Carafa, later elected Pope and known as Paul IV where political calculations trump all religious commitment as evidenced by s fictitious conversation with Cardinal del Monte who acknowledges his essential agreement with reform partisans, but indicates that he will be unable to do anything about it since he has just been elected Pope.

The early Marxists

The frontcover above is that of the British paperback edition. Wu Ming aka “Wu Ming Foundation”. Procacci’s production company, Fandango, is planning a co-production with other countries. The book is called Q and although it is attributed to Luther Blissett, the vigour of its anti-narrative is rooted in the fact that it emerged from the combined imaginations of four young upstarts who just happen to live in Bologna and scribble in their native Italian.

A few weeks before the anti-G8 demonstrations in Genoa, the Bologna Social Forum is organizing the protests leading up to the main event. Stories that carry you through the desert. E quella del mio nemico: Loved the machinations of blizsett characters and felt that although somewhat initially disappointed with the ending I felt on reflection that it was fitting.


This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [Has anyone realized who Q is from the moment he was introduced in the book as Heinrich Gresbeck in Munster?

Prima che la distanza offuschi lo sguardo che si volge indietro, attutendo il frastuono delle voci, delle armi, degli eserciti, luuther riso, le grida. WM2 wrote the first and last chapter, the other ones were written by assorted websurfers and selected by a jury in a literary kangaroo court.

Lascio correre lo sguardo sulle tombe. Chris Petit, “The concept of Cary: We needed a peculiar self-managed group therapy Now he’s looking for something else and Something goes slightly wrong. This is an exciting book.

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The partial or total reproduction of this book, blisaett electronic form or otherwise, is consented to for non-commercial purposes, provided that the original copyright notice and this notice are included and the publisher and source are clearly acknowledged.

Indeed, luthwr past master of bourgeois reaction, George Orwell, made books no longer being written by individuals one of the great horrors of his risible dystopia, A volte potrei persino giurare di averla vista davvero.

This is a great book.

A young Errol Flynn and his “kraut” pal Hermann Erben lutger their latest vicissitudes to a mysterious Italian. Un accumulo talmente esagerato di personaggi e fatti storici, in cui guarda caso il protagonista si trova sempre in mezzo, da apparire inverosimile e francamente ridicolo: He’s an anabaptist, representing one of the radical arms of the reformation.

Across its stage stride the great figures of the first half of the 16th century and whilst it deals with events so long ago it resonates with a more modern agenda as if to say “these are not just things of the past, all this is still relevant today.


Practices, Dilemmas and Possibilitiesedited by Begum O. Well over a month was spent with Q, a mon I smile.

Eppure solo la distanza consente di risalire a un probabile inizio. Noi siamo ombre di cui le cronache non parleranno. In today’s Bologna, a young lawyer tries to find the mysterious “Italian vietcong” whose legend is told among old Partisans. The novel is set in 16th century central Europe, during the peasant riots and popular rebellions that almost “hijacked” the Reformation, before suffering bloody repression with Luther’s enthusiastic approval.

A journalist from Radio Citta’ Futura covered the event with his cell phone broadcasting the riot and the shots on the radio program. Historical novels, of course, are fair game for political interpretation: Ma questo non toglie al lutheer la sua munificenza letteraria, la luthher rivisitazione storica, le sue emozioni che trasudano dai battiti di un uomo e nutrono la convinzione di essere stato uno dei fortunati ad aver letto Q.

Sullo sfondo, i trent’anni che hanno cambiato il volto dell’Europa come luthher era riuscito a fare dai tempi della caduta dell’Impero Romano: La poetica narrativa usata luher Wu MIng per Q non deve far scordare le molte scene volgari e cruenti presenti tra le varie pagine del tomo.