XPROB Spare Replacement Parts. Image for illustrative purposes only, variations may differ. Finding and selecting your part is as easy as There are. four leg angles. Four pre-set independent leg angles give the tripod great positioning flexibility and versatility, and allow all intermediate heights from . With the new , better-than-ever camera stability is guaranteed. Compared with standard leg-locking levers, our new Quick Power Lock system applies.

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The resulting high magnification is a very demanding environment for any tripod, even when supporting a relatively light camera. For the lens we once again opted for a popular focal length of mm, although due to availability the model used was the less common Canon EF mm DO.

The one negative is that with the majual column fully extended, the center column is not rock solid like my 30 year old Slik SL tripod. I Couldn’t ask for more from a tripod priced so reasonably!

Typical semi-pro DSLR bodies with battery but no battery grip generally weigh around g, while top-end pro DSLRs with built-in grips rarely weigh much more than 1. Within each range you 055xrob the choice of carbon fiber or aluminium models, labelled CX or X respectively.

Simple when you know what it all stands for. You can see the effect of a single tap on each tripod configuration in our video below. See any errors on this page? Typical entry-level to mid-range DSLR bodies weigh between and g with battery. Recent Posts Nikon Z 50mm f1. The specs show a max hight of 70, I am 74 tall and this will extend over my head by mxnfrotto few inches with out a tripod head mounted.


There are also mounting brackets for straps between the tops of the legs, but no carrying options supplied as standard.

Manfrotto XPROB – | Cameralabs

Given a typical head weighs between 0. To return it to the normal vertical orientation, simply loosen the wing-nut and slide the column to its maximum extension, before again pushing the button at the bottom to pop it through. The time taken to dampen these vibrations is critical to avoid shake on self-timer shots activated by hand rather than cable-release, not to mention for your own sanity as you make adjustments to a composition.

It is more than enough for todays smaller digital cameras and I think I have found my last tripod. Upon closer inspection, the material and manufacturing process behind the carbon fiber tubes manfrotti evident by a series of thick diagonal lines which catch the light with organic-looking threads.

To switch the column orientation on the XPROB and other PRO manrfotto, first untighten the column wing-nut, before extending the column to its maximum height.

It can then be pushed back through the oval section and locked as before using the wing-nut. The standard max height is 55″.

Manfrotto XPROB Tripod Legs (Black) w/ RC2 Head B&H Photo

Inthe Vitec group bought the French high-end tripod company, Gitzo, followed by the American photographic distribution company Bogen a year later. At no point during our testing did we experience the tubes slipping when locked. Fully extended, it towers above many photographers, but angle the legs out and you could also position your camera just a few inches above the ground.

The AH comes in two versions—the “AH” flat-base version such as this, and the “A” ball base version which is separately available. The and ranges are essentially identical other than their size and weight-handling. It has a load capacity of And the difference between vibration dissipation on carbon fiber and aluminium models may be a lot more than you thought.


Manfrotto offers alternative versions of the carbon fiber PRO and models with four leg sections instead of three.

Manfrotto Pro Tripod 055Xprob Empty Box Excellent Condition + Sealed Manual +Tag

With the legs fully extended and set to their normal operating angle, the head plate is positioned cm from the ground. Rated 1 out of 5 by Nelson from 055xprb Backwards!

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The reason we mention this though is because the alternative CXPRO3 version built from carbon fiber looks and feels quite different. With the wing-nut loosened, the oval section may rattle a little disconcertingly, but once tightened it feels rock-solid and we never experienced any issues with slippage while testing.

The entire centre column can also be removed and reversed for very low angles 0055xprob desired, or swapped for an optional shorter version, allowing the legs to be fully widened without having the column extended. Not backwards and plate “tilts in” instead of sliding We chose manfotto Manfrotto HDV head pictured opposite for our vibration tests, which uses a fork to support mxnual camera plate on both sides rather than just one side on a traditional three-way model.

Maybe a bit overkill but this tripod can withstand a nuclear attack probably and the head really needs a sturdy base.