The Cluetrain Manifesto is a work of business literature collaboratively authored by Rick Levine, Christopher Locke, Doc Searls, and David Weinberger. It was.

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If you’re reading this book, you’re in these pages. The photograph at the top of the armadillo and the bike was posted at Flickr by e.

To their intended online audiences, companies sound hollow, flat, literally inhuman. Cluetrqin the Net, we are the medium. Women in Saudi Arabia can’t drive? The ability of the internet to link to additional information — information which might exist beyond the formal hierarchy of organizational structure or published material from such an organization — acts as a means of subverting, or bypassing, formal hierarchies.

There’s so much more music in the world.

The Cluetrain Manifesto — Entire Text Index Page

Because they are networked, smart markets are able to renegotiate relationships with blinding speed. They are conducted in a human voice. As markets, as workers, we wonder why you’re not listening. You want us to pay? Conversations among human beings sound human. Most are protecting less against competitors than against their own market and workforce. Sure, apps offer a nice experience. The best source is all of us. We have better things to do than worry about whether you’ll change in time to get our business.

Mennesker gjenkjenner hverandre som mennesker ved lyden av en slik stemme. Put all the Web pages together and you have a new world. The End of Business as Usual. But we are organizing faster than they are.


InTim Berners-Lee used the Net to create a gift he gave freely to us all: The best are built bottom-up by engaged individuals cooperating to construct something far more valuable: The first among these is: The Cluetrain Manifesto cluetrain. That’d be real nice.

One with the market. Companies are spending billions of dollars on Y2K. Everybody can use it. The book has been criticized for casting its central term of human “voice” in expressivist rather than rhetorical terms.

Other critics point to the fact that the Internet cannot be conceptualized simply as “a conversation” or that human activity online cannot be reduced to the notion of a “conversation”. You’ll recognize them not just because they sound like us, but because they’re on our side.

Getting a sense of humor does not manifisto putting some jokes on the corporate web site. cluetrwin

People of earth…

We do this in part because conversation requires a common ground: We, the People of the Internet, need to remember the glory of its revelation so that we reclaim it now in the name of what it truly is. On par with ‘Net pundits Peppers and Rogers, Pine, Dyson and Negroponte, the authors of The Cluetrain Manifesto speak with intelligence, wit and insight on the topic of who’s controlling whom and the very direct role each of us plays in the web.

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We’re both inside companies and outside them. When we’re not busy being your “target market,” many of us are your people. As a result, markets are getting smarter, more informed, more organized. The economic and political incentives to de-pants and up-skirt us are so strong that we’d be wise to invest in tinfoil underwear. The Web is awesome. Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple are all in the goggles business. Let’s at least acknowledge that the Net has values implicit in it.

Already, companies that speak in the language of the pitch, the dog-and-pony show, are no longer speaking to anyone. The End of Business as Usual”. Oh gosh, sorry, gee, we’ll come back later. Markets do not want to talk to flacks and hucksters.

The Cluetrain Manifesto

Everything you thought made good marketing sense may be exactly useless in the Brave New World of the Net. The Cluetrain Manifesto has been credited with setting out “the guiding principles of social media years before Facebook and Twitter existed.

We know some people from your company. Every link by a person with something to say is an act of generosity and selflessness, bidding our readers leave our page to see how the world looks to someone else.